Upcycle, Repurpose and Reimagine With Kuttlefish

I grew up watching my Bermudian mother and cousins repurpose old items for new ones and use everything from napkins to tea bags more than once. Rainwater was collected in wells for tapwater, glass and shells were used as tile in walls and sand from the beach was rubbed into our skin as an exfoliant. No one thought it was “green” or “eco-friendly” it’s just what you did. Any other way of operating was considered “wasteful”. Well, that same sentiment is what prompted the creators of Kuttlefish to start their company. Kuttlefish is a community and marketplace where buyers meet sellers to exchange goods made with reused, recycled, upcycled content and found objects. Continue reading

french onion soup_savvybrown

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

I was trying to figure out what to cook with some mushroom broth that I had bought and I came across this recipe for vegetarian french onion soup and adapted it a bit for myself. They say shitake mushrooms taste like beef. I can’t verify this, because I can no longer remember what beef tastes like, but I REALLY like this soup! Continue reading

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Multitask Products to Save Money and the Environment

The concept of multitasking your products is an easy one. Simply try to not buy anything that you can’t use for more than one purpose. When you start doing this, I swear it will change how you shop completely. You’ll be saving the environment by not tossing out as many containers, and saving money buy not buying as many items. Continue reading

savvy brown foaming pump hdr

Quick Tip: Save Money with a Foaming Pump Dispenser

You can save the environment and save money with a foaming pump dispenser. I have been using one of these* for a couple of months now and I’m still not out of soap yet. It’s a great way to save money on things like hand soap and dishwashing soap. I use this one with my castile soap. I poured about 1/8 cup of soap into the dispenser and added about 1.5 cups of water. The head dispenses foam instead of liquid which saves money! Continue reading

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Quick Tip: 5 Minute DIY Upcycled Pet Bed

I came up with this 5 minute diy upcycled pet bed because I refuse to pay a lot of money on pet supplies or toys. Not only do my 2 cats tear them up. THEY DON’T CARE. They would be just as happy playing with the box that something came in that the toy itself.So here’s what happened when I went I found a basket at a garage sale for $1 and paired it with an IKEA “TOFTBO” bathmat. Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Juicing

This awesome Guest Post is by Deborah Smikle-Davis, the founder and voice behind the fabulous site Urban Naturale. She knows a TON about juicing and so I was thrilled when she agreed to write this guest post on the subject. For those of you new to juicing, don’t be intimidated, she goes over many of the Do’s and Don’ts for first timers. She even includes some great recipes at the end for you to try! Continue reading

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Chia Seeds: What they are and How to Eat Them

If I had known years ago, that the same seeds that grew those funky looking Chia Pets were actually HEALTHY. I would have bought one!  Chia seeds are actually very good for you and come packed with vitamins and minerals. Continue reading

sitting-makes-us-fat_savvy brown

Quick Tip: Stand Up Every Hour for Better Health

A few years back a medical study revealed that sitting down all day at work, or otherwise, is literally killing us. It makes no difference if you exercise either. Hours bent over your computer are having serious effects on your spine, your legs, even your digestive system. I have an app on my iPhone called Chime, that I set to ping softly at the top of every hour. signaling me to stand up, even if I can’t leave the work area. My other trick is drinking LOTS of water. That way, I’ll usually have to get up and go to the bathroom. Below is a visual example of how sitting all day is hurting us. Continue reading