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10 Quick Green Tips

Being “green” doesn’t have to be difficult. Try these 10 Quick Green Tips to save money and make your day a little bit greener!

    1. Reuse Cereal bags – Shake out the cereal and use them to store chips, snacks, even leftovers. Just clip closed with a binder clip
    2. Wash your dishes in a basin – Instead of filling the entire sink with water, put a basin like this one or a large bowl in the sink and wash your smaller dishes in that. You’ll save more water than filling, emptying and refilling the whole sink.

  1. Timers – Putting timers on your lights and other electronic equipment isn’t just a good way to thwart burglars, it’s energy-efficient too!
  2. Keep a bucket in your bathroom – Put it under the shower to catch the water as it warms up. Then use that water later to clean up, or water you plants or pets
  3. Put a bottle in your tank – Your toilet uses up most of the water in your house. Put a water bottle filled with a few stones or sand in the tank (to weight it down so it won’t float). It will displace the water a bit and make the tank fill with less water.
  4. Don’t Wash Your clothes – I don’t mean ever. Just wear your jeans or that jacket more than once before you wash it.
  5. Fill up the Dishwasher – Using the dishwasher actually uses less water than washing dishes a bunch of times a day by hand. But it’s truly only energy efficient if it’s full when used
  6. Go electric – Electric kettles use less energy than stovetop ones, just as electric slow cookers use less than stoves
  7. Don’t Use Paper – check your emails on line, and save PDF’s to your desktop if you really need them. Don’t print them. Pay your bills online, and stop junk mail by contacting sites like the Direct Marketing Association and OptOut Prescreen which works with credit agencies to get your name off of lists.
  8. Keep It Simple – If we had to run around the house and turn off all of our appliances and gadgets by hand, we’d never get to bed! Instead, we have power strips everywhere and with a few clicks, the whole house powers down at night. (I can’t wait to automate this, I’m working’ on it)
  • What are some of your quick Green tips?





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4 thoughts on “10 Quick Green Tips

  1. Samuel Preveda

    These are great – I just found your website, I’m bookmarking it 🙂 I like the tip about the bucked for water in the shower; I’m sure I waste a lot of water that way….

  2. Julius

    Unplug your electronic devices when not in use. Consumer electronics do still consume power even when turned off as long as it is still plugged in so unplugging it would totally shut it off.

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