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10 Ways to Combat Winter Hair Shedding Naturally

A few weeks ago after washing and detangling my hair, I stepped out of the shower, put on my glasses…and freaked.

When I peered back into the shower it looked like I’d just groomed a poodle. There were large clumps of hair everywhere.

BIG ones.

I ran to the mirror checking for bald spots, thinking that my near-sightedness had caused me to confuse my bottle of depilatory with my shampoo. But thankfully, that was not the case. I stood there for a minute, tapping my chin trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I hadn’t changed my routine, I wasn’t using a new comb or anything. The only thing that had really changed in my life…well…was me. You see when damage shows up on my skin or with my hair, I know that it’s usually my lifestyle, and not necessarily the products I’m using that are the culprit.

I was right.

Stress from my work had caused me to stop eating as well, and stay up late, which led to coffee-laden afternoons, and insomnia-ridden nights. Exercise? Yeah right.  So since the beginning of the year, I’ve actively been trying to approach my hair and scalp health from the inside out. And it’s been working!

Here’s what I did:

10 Steps to Combat Winter Hair Shedding Naturally

1. Drink more water – I’m up to 6 glasses a day, plus I’m eating more fruits and veggies. I hate drinking cold water in cold weather, so I either drink it room temp, or hot with a twist of lemon.

2. Get more sleep – I’ve been pretty good about getting to bed my midnight, gonna shoot for 11pm next month.

3. Find ways to destress – Believe it or not, your hair can fall out temporarily due to stress. Read more about it here. I’ve gone back to meditating a few minutes a day: I literally turn on the timer on the microwave for 10 minutes, and just sit somewhere nearby and breathe. I also dug out my Qi Gong, Tai Chiand Yoga DVDs, and try to do a few sessions with them a week. Even 20 minutes makes a difference.

4. Wear protective styles – I’ll post more on this soon, but I’ve been keeping my hair in two-strand twists and it’s really made a huge difference

5. Wear silk or satin scarves – Instead of throwing out your wool hats, you can wear scarves under them for a cute look. You can slo invest in one of those silk bonnets, I put this one on under my hat sometimes. I also really like those “snoopy” hats, because the fur is nice and soft and won’t snag hair

6. Take a vitamin supplement – I’m back to taking my daily multiple, and a biotin supplement. Biotin as well as other B vitamins can be beneficial for hair ggrowth and for preventing hair loss. Read more about it here.  Always check with your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements.

7. Rinse hair with tea – I will go into detail in an upcoming post, but apparently the tannins in tea are beneficial to the hair shaft. I’ve been using cooled black and sometimes green tea as a weekly rinse as a deep conditioner and it’s made a WORLD of difference in terms of detangling and shedding.

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8. Sleep on a Satin pillow – You can get one here. When I travel, I bring an extra-wide scarf and just tie it around the pillow.

9. Never detangle your hair when it’s dry – I only detangle my hair section by section with a shower comb when it’s sopping wet and each section is full of conditioner and a few drops of oil. I use Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner along with a few drops of  Vatika oil in the shower.

10. Moisturize and Trim your ends – Since I’m wearing twists, every 3 or 4 days, I’ll dip my fingers in castor, coconut or olive oil and palm each twist, putting the majority on the ends. Every few weeks I give them a trim as well.

Buy the products I use:

  • Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner
  • Vatika Coconut Hair Oil
  • Satin Sleep Pillow
  • Biotin supplement
  • Shower comb
  • – How do you deal with shedding?

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    13 thoughts on “10 Ways to Combat Winter Hair Shedding Naturally

    1. judy

      I had a similar experience. My mistake was sleeping on a flannel pillowcase for a few days while I was sick with the flu. I didn’t comb my hair for three days and when I finally tried, my hair was locking up like Damian Marley’s. It took an hour to comb through. What really helped was the hair conditioner, Knot Today. I also use Nexxus Color Assure conditioner to get the knots out. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try all of them, especially the satin scarves under wool hats and the satin pillowcase. Great blog -love it.

    2. Danver

      Oh my, the same happened to me. I’ve been paranoid. i love your article (or rather, I love knowing I am not alone in the situation). I am now a fan of Aloe Vera. I have two aloe vera plants and I am rubbing them on my scalp after breaking the leaves…and 100% aloe vera gel too. i can immediately feel the tingle. Love the idea about wearing silk wraps under the hats (show me pictures next time too!).

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    5. Candra Evans

      Great tips. I had a freak out moment this morning. Strands of hair are coming out with every stroke of the comb. This is after reading a ton of hair blogs and changing my regimen. Perhaps it is a sign of winter or perhaps my hair is showing some dislike for one of my new product choices. Anyways, thank you!

    6. Savvy

      @Candra Don’t freak out. It might be all of the above. One tip: Try not to comb your hair unless it’s sopping, wet, full of conidioner, AND you’re using a wide-tooth comb, like one of these. Wear a protective style for a couple of weeks, and try to lay off products that have alcohol and/or glycerine (like gels) during the winter. See if that helps.

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