10 Ways to Have a Green/Frugal BBQ

I’ve had several requests as to how folks can green up their BBQ without breaking the bank. Well here’s a list of 10 ways you can do that pretty simply…

1.  Use Poly or biodegradable plates, cups and flatware instead of coated paper or Styrofoam plates (The latter are usually coated in petroleum!) Polypropylene plates and cups like these can bee used, and their not as harmnful as regular plastic
2. Gas grill – lower carbon footprint and less electricity;
3. Don’t use lighter fluid – it emits harmful VOCs
4. Use Natural Charcoal– regular charcoal has not been soaked in lighter fluid, and burns less VOCs into the air. Try Cowboy Charcoals if you MUST use coal and check out Whole Foods, they have charcoal made from recycled scrap wood, or sustainable wood.
4. By local/seasonal produce and lean meat – cooks in less time
5. Potluck – if everyone brings something, not all of the costs will be on you.
6. Have a recycle bin– Make it easy for your guests to recycle bottles and cans
7. Grilling with the hood of the barbeque down – this helps maintain energy efficiency and also ensures the heat will be distributed more evenly throughout the grill.
8. Use cloth napkins – Paper towels and paper napkins are a no-no, just give everyone a cloth one. (You’ll be suprised how well they’ll hold onto them).
9.  Mix rock salt with ice to keep drinks cold – put beverages into cooler, then fill halfway with ice, then fill the rest of the way with rock salt. the drinks will stay cooler, and the ice won’t melt as fast.
10. Make your own Bug Repellent– check out this simple recipe

You can find these items in the Savvy Shop!

Polypropylene plates and cups

Cowboy Charcoals


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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Have a Green/Frugal BBQ


    Disposable bamboo plates and cutlery are a good idea, too!! LOVE the natural charcoal tip, too – regular always leaves an aftertaste on your grilled food!

  2. Savvy

    @BDADIVA Ooooh Bambooplates. I gotta get some of them in the Shop! Thanks! Yep, food does taste better with the natural charcoal…

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