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15 Other Green Uses for Shampoo

If you read my previous posts about Why I don’t Shampoo my Hair Pt.1, and My Health Turning Point, then many of you might be reading your body wash and shampoo bottles  and are saying “Whoa!” “I can’t use ANY of this stuff? Many of you will be tempted, (Like I was) to throw everything out and race out to buy all new everything and start all over again. Although I commend you on your new found efforts to rid your beauty cabinet of toxins, I do think there is a greener, better way to go about it rather than trading in one form of pj-ism (product junkie-ism) for another. Here are some things you can do with that leftover shampoo.

15 Other Green Uses for shampoo:

  1. Use it as a spot cleaner and it will remove stains. To get the yellow off of the collar and cuffs from a shirt use shampoo as a pretreatment.
  2. Clean out hair combs and brushes. Soak them first, then scrub them completely clean.
  3. Clean paint brushes. Place a few drops of plain shampoo on the brushes. Then rub and rinse clean.
  4. Clean woodwork, floors, doors, etc. around the house.Use shampoo in a bucket of water and mop or wipe down.
  5. Spot clean rugs and carpets with a dab of shampoo and a clean rag. Rinse the areas clean with tap water and blot dry.
  6. Lubricate squeaky hinges.
  7. Clean chrome and make it shine. Mix shampoo with baking soda, and rinse thoroughly before buffing it dry.
  8. Wash nylon hose and delicate panties. Put a dab of shampoo in the water instead. Swish it around to mix, then wash as usual.
  9. Clean your car. Put a half cup of shampoo in a bucket with water and make a sudsy solution. Dip a sponge in the bucket and wash the grime off your vehicle
  10. Spot clean upholstery.
  11. Clean your bathroom. It does work as a good tub cleaner. If you’re out of toilet cleaner it works well there too. It also does a really good job of cleaning fiberglass sinks and tubs.
  12. Revitalize leather shoes and purses. Instead of mink oil a little shampoo and a clean rag will do the job. Rub shampoo into worn areas in circles to clean and bring back the color of your accessories. It will protect your shoes from salt stains as well.
  13. Clear a stuck zipper. Put a drop of shampoo on a cotton swab and dab it onto the zipper. The shampoo will help the zipper to slide free, and any residue will come out in the next wash.
  14. Wash houseplant leaves. Make a soapy solution with a few drops of shampoo in a pot of water, dunk in a cloth and wring it out, and wipe those dusty leaves clean.
  15. Clean the grill rack from the oven.





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7 thoughts on “15 Other Green Uses for Shampoo

  1. Condo Blues

    These ideas are brilliant! I thought I was clever when I cleaned my tub with some not so nice shampoo this morning. Now I have a few more ways to use up that shampoo. Thanks.

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