15 Uses for Olive Oil (Other than cooking)

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, then you know I LOVE multitasking products. Not only does it save money, but also, space and time! Olive oil is one of my favorite things to use. (I would buy a drum of the stuff if I could!) Here’s 15 ways to use olive oil for a bunch of stuff other than cooking.

  1. Makeup remover – I use olive oil almost everyday to remove my makeup. It works especially well on waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I even use it to clean my face when I use the Oil Cleansing Method.
  2. Lip Softener – Dip a toothbrush into a teaspoon of olive oil and brush your lips to exfoliate them. Guaranteed to soften your pucker instantly!
  3. Shoe shine – Add a dab of oil to a clean cloth and rub it in well to clean and condition leather, or buff to a brilliant shine. Works great on purses and belts too, and amazing on patent leather. (But a little goes a long way, use too much and you’ll stain your leather!)
  4. Stainless Steel Polish – I have a stainless stel fridge and after spray cleaning it with50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. I polish it up with a microfiber cloth and a dab of oil. works every time. 🙂
  5. Wood furniture and Floor Polish –  After cleaning a wood table or floor of dust and debris, make a 2 to 1 mixture of olive oil to vinegar and spray onto a cloth rag or microfiber floor mop. Work in small sections until the entire area is covered. It makes wood shine!
  6. Hairball prevention –  Add 1/8 tsp to 1/4 tsp of oil to your cats wet or dry food every couple of days and it will enable them to digest food better.
  7. Bath Oil –  Add a tablespoon or two of oil to your bath water along with 5 drops of your favorite essential oil and you and your bathroom will smell wonderful!
  8. Body Oil – Right after you step out of the shower, but before you dry off with a towel, pour a little olive oil into your hand and rub it all over your wet skin. Then dry off. Your skin will stay soft all day. I’ve been doing this for YEARS and I can’t remember the last time I’ve used body lotion on anything but my hands or feet. If you’re not crazy about the smell, try this.
  9. Shave Oil – I never thought of doing this until I was at a store and happened across a popular “Men’s Shaving Oil”. I figured why can’t I shave with oil? Tried it. I love it. I wipes my legs with a damp cloth and then slick them up with oil before shaving. I get a smooth, close shave, it keeps the blade smooth and my skin moisturized!
  10. Free a stuck zipper – Put a drop of olive oil on a cotton swab, then carefully dab it on the part of the zipper that is stuck. As long as it’s not caught on fabric,  it’ll free the zipper like butta!
  11. Exfoliate with olive oil and sugar – Many of you have tried my Brown Sugar Body Scrub, but a modified version I use on my knees, elbows and heels is this: Rub a generous amount of olive oil on and are of your skin, and then dip your hand into sugar and scrub the area well to remove dead surface skin. (Any sugar will work well, except for confectioners)
  12. Fix a squeaky door –  I was out of WD40 one day and one of my interior doors was squeaking like a bat in heat and was making me crazy every time one of the cats pushed it open. So I put a little olive oil in a travel spray bottle and sprayed the hinges and voila! No more squeakies!
  13. Hair Conditioner – I have used olive oil as a pre-poo conditioner, as well as a hot oil treatment. Both have left my hair and scalp incredibly soft!
  14. Get paint off of your hands – If you’ve painted a room with oil-based paint and got it on your hands, “wash” your hands with olive oil, rinse with water and rub dry well with a cloth and the paint will come right off!
  15. Season a Cast Iron Pan – Cover the entire pan with olive oil and place in an oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Put a cookie sheet on the tray under the pan to catch any drips. Do this every so often in order to extend the life of your pan.

The great thing about using olive oil for so much is that it’s made my travel bag so much lighter! I no longer travel with makeup remover, deep conditioner, body scrub or lip balm. I don’t know anyone I ever stayed wit that didn’t have a bottle somewhere in their house and I’ve never stayed at a hotel that didn’t have a commissary without it, drugstore nearby to pick some up or room service that would give me a little dish for free. At home I tend to use organic extra virgin olive oil on my face and hair, but I’m not really picky about the oil I use everywhere else.

    • How do you use olive oil?
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2 thoughts on “15 Uses for Olive Oil (Other than cooking)

  1. Margaret @ WellnessCircle

    Wow! Great tips! I’m really happy I’ve read this post of yours savvybrown. It’s really amazing to know that there is so much you can do with olive oil. And you are right, this will make our travel bag lighter.

    Thanks for sharing! I really learned a lot.

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