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20 Things I Learned During “No Buy Month”

I hope all of you who participated in “No Buy Month” during February learned as much as I did. Not only was I surprised by what I could actually do without for a few weeks, it really made me think about what I actually spend my money on. As outlined in the “No Buy Month Rules” I paid bills and bought groceries, but didn’t buy anything extraneous unless it was with points or on a gift card that I already owned. Below is a list of what “No Buy Month” did for me.

  1. Making my own coffee instead if buying it saved me about $20 a week
  2. All of the things I did this month will come in handy if I’m ever strapped for cash.
  3. I can workout just as well at home as I can at a gym if I make the effort
  4. I was really surprised how many fees I got charged by my bank when I started paying attention.
  5. I don’t always have to spend money to spend time with friends.
  6. I can live on way less that I thought.
  7. I was shocked to realize that I often waste more than I use.
  8. Budgets really are sexy. (thanks J.!)
  9. I really only wear 4 or 5 pairs of shoes on a regular basis, everything else is just extraneous and/or special occassion.
  10. I was shocked to find out how many credit card points and travel points I had racked up without even knowing it!
  11. I was surprised how many things I could get for free just by asking (makeup samples, hot water for tea, coat check, etc.)
  12. Sometimes upcycling or repurposing something is just like getting something brand new!
  13. The act of putting myself on a financial “diet” is an active form of budgeting.
  14. Hardly anyone around me knew that I was participating in “No Buy Month” if I didn’t tell them. (No one looked at me like I was “broke”).
  15. I was able to get work done on my house through deferred payment just by asking.
  16. I was able to make money by selling what I didn’t need on eBay.
  17. I was able to barter services to get some computer work done.
  18. Many people who are considered “rich” got that way by living their lives like this every month.(Check this out)
  19. There’s tons of music and books to read for free online and that are downloadable
  20. I really don’t need cable. (I watched most of my entertainment online, through hulu, Netflix and YouTube).

I don’t know if I could live like this every month. but I am definitely going to to do this again this year. If not for a full month, then for a few weeks intermittently throughout the year. I really saved money and it made me very aware of “sneaky” spending that happens when we’re not paying attention.


• What did you learn during “No Buy Month”?

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4 thoughts on “20 Things I Learned During “No Buy Month”

  1. Althea

    I learned that I didn’t need all the things I thought I needed besides food, clothing(which I already had in my closet) and shelter. Metrocard is already provided, even though money was spent on gas for the car. I didn’t even buy anything for family and friends and they weren’t disappointed. My husband and I did the no-buy and it was great.

  2. Jenna

    I am a frugal person, the last ditch we made was the dish. We have three Roku’s in the house and between those and the internet, we haven’t missed any TV. In fact, the act of ditching the dish made us do more things together, as a family.

  3. Kimberlee

    Living on a budget will teach you a lot about what you need versus what you want. I too make my own coffee, along with ice cream, smoothies and soda, when I crave it. Roku and Netflix have saved me money on my cable bill since I don’t have movie channels, and free books, music and visits to the library have helped me save money on my book budget.

  4. Michele

    I just found out that you did this – but I loved reading about it! I am a very frugal person by nature. I shop at thrift stores. I don’t buy junk food or eat out. On the rare occasion I feel like getting food out, I usually get a couple of tacos with lots of veggies. I am thrilled that I got my Jeep paid for. I don’t go joy riding so I save on gas there. I don’t buy papertowels. I reuse old tshirts or cloths. And I work with my family to grow my own produce for my juices, smoothies, salads, and meals. I don’t own a tv and refuse to pay outrageous fees to have satellite. I went to a pay-as-you go cell phone and now get unlimited talk/text/internet for HALF of what I was paying (and didn’t get unlimited anything on that plan). I could go on. lol Life is good and blessed and we don’t need tp splurge every day like we sometimes think we do. Simple is peaceful, in my opinion. 😀

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