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Guest Post: Daisy Raybould on The Top 5 Oils For Healthy Beautiful Hair


Daisy Raybould has a passion for solving health problems the way nature intended. She, along with a number of fellow natural health enthusiasts, share their tips, secrets and recipes designed to help you obtain perfect health using the power of nature’s wonders at

The Top 5 Oils For Healthy Beautiful Hair

There are an abundance of natural oils that can help you to achieve beautiful, healthy looking hair. In this blog post, I want to share my top five.

Without further ado, let’s get going… Continue reading


Yoli’s Green Living and Savvy on DeliciousTV!

Last month, my good friend and “green twin” Yoli Ouiya contacted me. She’s one of the new hosts over at DeliciousTV and she wanted to use my kitchen. The kitchen in our Brooklyn brownstone often gets used for shoots and I always love it when other people cook, so of course I accepted. The DeliciousTV folks were nice enough to ask me to do a couple of mini-segments with Yoli too!

This episode you’ll learn how to make Stuffed Zucchni Blossoms with Truffle Oil. (It sounds complicated, but it’s really easy, who knew you could cook with flowers?) Continue reading


Savvy’s Healthy Ramen Redo Recipe

The packaged ramen soups that you buy are plagued by two health eroding ingredients, high sodium and MSG. Most of that comes from the nasty little flavor packet that they throw in there. With a few little tweaks, and a little research, I was able to use a 95 cent package of ramen noodles, some fresh veggies, some broth and a little miso and make a healthy meal that lasted us all week but cost less than $10 to make. This is also another great use for some of the ingredients used in my Simple Summer Soba Noodle Recipe


Savvy’s Healthy Ramen Redo Recipe

Ingredients: Continue reading