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wonder curl

Review: Wonder Curl Butter than Love

My girl Scarlett is back with some new products in the Wonder Curl line and I couldn’t wait to try them! I’ve reviewed and done giveaways on her Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly here on the blog, and so I was excited when she told me that she was coming out with another product call Butter Than Love. It comes in two formulations: pudding and whipped. Here, I’ll review both:

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Sweet Vegan Cornbread

I’m always looking for recipes that can make enough to last more than one day, something vegetarian, or can be eaten over more than one meal. This is all three! I adapted this from a recipe I found on allrecipes. This corn bread isn’t dessert sweet, but it’s definitely not bland either. Now, some purists might say that corn bread should never be sweet.

I disagree.

But, for those of you who subscribe to that point of view, feel free to decrease the sugar in this recipe. Continue reading

Closeup of colorful electrical cables

Savvy DIY Cable Organization

In my continuing quest to organize stuff in my home, I had pushed cable organization to the top of the list. I was tired of not being able to find the correct cable when I needed it, or resorting to a dusty game of twister when something blew behind the TV and spending an hour trying to find the right cord, before I could troubleshoot the problem. These ideas helped me, and maybe they’ll help you too! Continue reading