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Last Minute Green Dad’s Day Gifts Less than $100

If you’re Dad’s anything like mine, he’ll appreciate you planting a tree in his name. But he’ll really love one of these gifts. The best thing is, most of these items can all be ordered from Amazon Prime and arrive before Dad’s Day! Plus, they won’t break your wholly-sustainable-organic-grass-fed-free-range-recyclable-piggy-bank!

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Review: KBB Luscious Locks Hair Mask

Y’all know I LOVE KBB products, because they are chock full of healthy ingredients and they really work! I haven’t been to Karen’s Body Beautiful in awhile, so a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to find her Luscious Locks Hair Mask at the bottom of by goodie bag from Amazing Botanicals Pop-Up Salon Event last month. I just got around to trying it, so here’s my review: Continue reading


Quick ‘n Easy Natural Air Freshener

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was too cute not to try. It was posted my great blog called Itty Bitty Impact. Basically, it’s just baking soda and essential oils, but you can have so much fun with it and it can be made in less than 5 minutes! So here goes:

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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Natural Hair Regimen

Every now and then I get an email or meet somebody who asks me how they can spend less time taking care of their natural hair. One young lady at a meet up told me that it takes her 6 HOURS to wash, condition, and style her hair every week. (Huh?!) I recently had a conversation with a cousin of mine who was lamenting her transition to natural because “it just takes so much work”. That comment always amuses me because I know women who spend upwards of 8-10 hours in salons gettin’ their hair “did”. (Read: “washed, straightened or weave”).

So I got to thinking…

Am I doing it wrong?

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