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Simple No Knead Bread Recipe

Ok so if you guys follow me on twitter, or have seen my instagram or facebook page in the past week, then you know that I tried my hand at making the now-famous “No Knead Bread” in my dutch oven. The “no-knead” bread craze started 6 years ago. (Before I was even interested in making bread at ALL mind you). The small amount of ingredients, and very little handling time quickly made the bread one of the most popular things to make if you really liked “artisan” bread, but weren’t too keen on the high price tag.

Now I have made bread before. You can check out my post Homemade Bread for Dummies to get that recipe.

This is not that bread.

For those of you not as bread savvy, no-knead or “dutch oven” bread as it’s sometimes called is soft on the inside, with a heavy crispy crust. It’s the kind they put in the bread basket at higher end restaurants. The kind of bread that tastes amazing when you dip it in olive oil or spread with hummus. Continue reading

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Get Through the Holidays Without Losing your Mind, Blowing Your Budget or Gaining Weight

Every year people go nuts during the holidays, often starting the next year with a host of stress and health-related problems. Not to mention broke. Well here are 15 simple tips that will help you get through the holidays like a sane person and keep you out of the poor house to boot. Continue reading

Quick and Easy DIY Coconut Oil Lipbalm

Coconut Oil solidifies when the temperature drops below 75 degrees (26C). I’ve used coconut oil in my hair mixes, on my skin and of course for cooking. The great thing about this carrier oil is that it isn’t heavy, and it’s properties are very close to the sebum (naturally produced oils) found in your skin.

So I decided to try something.

I was about to throw out some old eyeshadow pots and one of those Altoid Smalls containers, (I’ve got TONS of those things), when it dawned on me that they were the perfect size for lipgloss. So I upcycled them.

It’s so quick and easy, I made both of these before I went to work this morning!

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Shop Your Home When Decorating and Organizing

Before you run out to the store or get online to purchase that cute new something for the house, look around your home first and see if there’s any item that you’re not really using or one that could actually be used for something else. Here are some of my favorites…

– Ramekins– You know those little round bowls that you get fabulous creme bruleé in? Well those lovely little bowls can hold everything from jewelry to paperclips.

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