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What To Buy for “No Buy” Month

Now, it might seem counterintuitive to “buy”  things for “No Buy” month, but I promise if you have these items on hand, it’ll make things go easier. The key to saving money, is being organized and prepared. (Multitasking items doesn’t hurt either). Don’t worry, you can still participate if you don’t have these items, but I can guarantee that you’ll be using these items for the next 6 months at least! So here’s 12 things I think would be helpful for you to buy if you don’t already have them on hand for “No Buy Month”.

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Here Comes “No Buy” Month!

Are you Ready for No-Buy Month?

I mentioned in a poll on my Facebook page last week that I’m going to follow in Frugalista’s footsteps and take on “No Buy Month” for the month of February. Many of you who took the poll on my page said you were willing to participate. Well, let me define what that means…

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I have a Crush on GirlCrush!

I don’t know if y’all remember the post I did awhile ago about my visit to this great little store/spa called Georgia in SoHo, here in New York. It’s an amazing little shop if you’re in the area and you get a chance to go over there. Anyway, owner Jodie Patterson just started a new web series called Girl Crush and I LOVE it.
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Check Savvy Out on Carol’s Daughter’s New Site!

I’m officially a contributing blogger to Carol’s Daughter’s new website Transitioning Movement. It’s all about natural hair, a natural lifestyle and is targeting to those of you transitioning or interested in transitioning. So check out my first article at the link below and leave lots of comments! Stay beautiful! Continue reading

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DIY Cake Stand Inspired Organizer

I was totally influenced by the images below and how they up-cycled cake, cupcake stands and trays to use as cosmetic organizers. But then I realized something…

I don’t have a cake stand.

So 2 trips to the dollar store later, I came up with my own. (I decided to use the image on the left of my inspiration board as my guide). Continue reading

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Ology Detergent Review

Ology is Walgreen’s new line of green products.  The line sports conditionerbaby lotion, toilet paper, CFL light bulbs, glass cleaner, fabric softener and more.  I’m always a bit skeptical when a big company starts putting out a line of green products, honestly, so it wasn’t until a display coupon for $2.00 that I decided to try the laundry detergent. (I rarely buy laundry detergent since I like to make my own). Continue reading



I was feverishly cleaning my house at 10pm New Year’s Eve when it hit me.

If my house isn’t 100% spotless by midnight, will anyone really care?”


I ran through my emails and found the address of a party at a new bar that a neighbor had invited me to. I pulled on a sequined top, my long jeans, a pair of heels, my favorite lipstick and this cute new jacket I just got and ran around the corner to a party at a new Brooklyn bar.

I had so much fun, I almost missed the actual countdown!

That was my “aha” moment of sorts. Continue reading