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Guest Post: J. Money Thinks Budgets Are Sexy

One of my favorite blogs on money and budgeting out there right now is Budgets Are Sexy written by J. Money. The thing that I like the most about his site is that he is an everyday guy (a husband and new dad) that explains money and saving in real world terms. (He was laid off from his job and still found ways to save). His site also offers interactive templates and tips that are really useful. (I still use a budget template of his from like two years ago).

All that being said, I was really excited when J. agreed to offer some of his budgeting tips and tricks in honor of No Buy Month! Check out this great interview, and check out his site!

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Upcycle Ideas Digest #3

Hey there. I apologize for this week’s post being a little late. Beyoncé’s halftime show caused a blackout at my house and I was unable to finish on time. *giggles forever*

Here’s this weeks digest of fun and interesting upcycled and repurposed projects and their sources. Feel free to email me or comment with any questions or ideas that you have! Continue reading

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10 Step Program for Product Junkies

You know who you are. Stop buying every new product that comes out and wasting all that money. Check out my personal 10 Step Program to release you from the clutches of “product junkyness” over at Transitioning Movement. (This is perfect for those of you with natural hair participating in “No Buy Month”.


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