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Moisturizing DIY Honey-Coconut Face Mask

This is not the first time I’ve put honey on my face. I previously wrote about a honey mask I did with egg and olive oil back in this post.  I can’t take any credit for this one though, this great little mask comes directly from Eden DiBianco, natural mixoligist and makeup artist extraordinaire. She offered this little tip after our panel at GreenFest NY this year. According to Eden, raw honey and virgin coconut oil are excellent for providing moisture to dry or combo skin (like mine) and it’s so simple! Continue reading

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DIY Left Over Coffee Body Scrub

One day I was  out of the turbinado sugar I usually use to make my Brown Sugar Body Scrub and I decided to try my hand at making my Body Scrub with used coffee grounds instead. Usually, the used coffee grounds (and their filters) end up in the compost pile, but lately, I’ve been making more coffee than salad so I decided to try to use the grounds for other stuff. Continue reading