Care&s Laundry Tablets Review

When I attended the NY GreenFest this summer, I ran into quite a few vendors with products that I thought were pretty interesting. I even mentioned a few of them in this post. Well one of those vendors was Christina Anderson and her eco-friendly laundry product Care&s. What makes this product so unique is that it comes in the form of tablets. 1 tablet cleans one  load of laundry, and contains no sulfates, harmful surfactants, phosphates, perfume, optical brightener or bleach. It’s 100% biodegradable and cleans well at low temperatures. She even claims that the product is harmless to injest! (I.did.not.try.this.)  Here is my review of the Care&s Laundry Tablets.

Care&s Laundry Tablets $10 (20 tablets)

Ingredients: “This product contains sodium percarbonate*, softener and enzymes – nothing more. All ingredients are biodegradable and harmless for nature and human. We stripped down on everything else that is unnecessary to get your clothes clean.” – Care&S website

When I tested this product I used my front-loading washer and had enough samples for two loads. The tablets easily fit into the detergent dispenser. For the first load I tossed in a regular load of laundry. I will admit, nothing was too soiled, but there were mixed colors and fabrics. Cotton, rayon, wool, a pair of tights and apparently a silk scarf that snuck in there somehow. I washed and rinsed that load on cold. the clothes came out fresh and clean! Some items I hung dry and others I tossed in the dryer with my dryer balls and all  were soft and not stiff at all. The second load was a little tougher. I tossed in several microfiber cloths that I had been cleaning with along with a small rug that one of the cats had urinated on. I washed this load on warm and rinsed it cold. I will admit, unless I add vinegar to the wash water I usually can’t get that cat smell out. BUT everything came out smelling clean without it and was really soft when I took it out of the dryer! I’ve also dissolved a tablet in water and use that to hand wash some delicates in a hotel sink recently. The product did well there too. careands2_insert

It is recommended that for larger, more soiled loads that you use 2 tablets.

Overall I think this is a great product! I will be purchasing a pack to take with me when I’m traveling or staying friends or relatives who use regular detergent that I no longer use on my clothes. It’s safe to travel with because it’s not a liquid and won’t spill everywhere. It would also make a great gift for a college student or someone who lives in a small apartment.  That being said, $10 for 20 loads is not really economical if you’re a family who’s running your washer 3 times a day. Everyday.

*This ingredient is used in other “oxy” type laundry powders. See more here.

RATING: 4 Smart* – Great product, great ingredients and multi-use but kind of pricey and works best on smaller loads.

You can purchase this product directly at the Care&s website

*Savvy Ratings: 5=Savvy 4=Smart 3=Suitable 2=Satisfactory 1=Stupid

 • What green products have you used to wash your clothes?

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