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Crazy Simple DIY Dishwasher Detergent

The last time I talked about making my own dishwasher soap, I suggested that you use Kool Aid (because of the citric acid). But since then, I have found an even SIMPLER DIY Dishwashing Powder for you to mix up. I actually mixed this up when I ran out of both Kool-Aid AND the Method dishwashing tabs I was using. The best part? It only takes 3 ingredients! Continue reading

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The Truth About Homemade Orange Cleaner

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest for longer than 5 minutes, you’ve seen the Homemade Orange Cleaner recipe. A jar of orange peels swimming in liquid which claims to be a simple and easy (not to mention cheap) household cleaner. I’ve seen it called DIY citrus Cleaner, Orange and vinegar Cleaner, Orange Peel and Vinegar Cleaner, Orange Enzyme Cleaner, Well after eating a temple orange at the beginning of the month, I thought “Why not? I’ll try it.” I learned that yes, orange peels in vinegar is a wonderful INGREDIENT to a homemade cleaning solution. BUT, it cannot be used on all surfaces. Continue reading


How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies Quickly

I’ve discovered two ways to get rid of fruit flies quickly. I made the mistake of bringing fruit home and then I forgot to wash it. It wasn’t intentional, I assure you. I usually use one of these fruit wash recipes. But as luck would have it when I walked in, my phone was ringing, my hands were full and my cat had apparently “malfunctioned” only moments before I got there. So skipped the fruit washing in order to handle everything else. Big mistake. About three days later I walked in and dropped my keys on the counter and it was like a fruit fly bomb went off. Continue reading

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DIY Citrus Cleanser

Want to scrub your tub and sink really well without using chemicals? Head to the kitchen, the pantry and the fridge to make your own DIY Citrus Cleanser.  Not only will your bathroom smell awesome, this method is great for cleaning that ring around the tub and sink. Here’s what you’ll need… Continue reading

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

I don’t wear a TON of makeup, but I do like to wear gel eyeliner (the kind you apply with a brush) everyday, along with a finishing powder and I tend to think my lipstick stays on longer when I apply it with a brush. When I’m going out I will occassionally use a foundation brush as well.  It’s really important to keep those brushes clean! So here’s my simple recipe for how I clean my makeup brushes. Continue reading

Natural Cleaning with Lemons and Baking Soda

How to Clean Your Bathroom Green and Quick

I have a confession to make. I hate to clean my bathroom. I’m serious. If I can clean any other room in my house first I will. I think because I was doing these weekly and bi-weekly deep cleanings that seemed to take forever that it was making me crazy. So I started looking for ways to clean the bathroom quicker so that it wouldn’t such a chore. So now about twice a week, I do this: Continue reading

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Savvy’s Simple Super Scrub

I was reading about the natural anti-bacterial benefits of lemon juice the other day, when I realized that many DIY cleaning products seemed to include the citrus in their ingredients. Apparently, lemon is a natural disinfectant and the citric acid found in lemons naturally, is used in many cleaning products already. This discovery also happened to be the same day that I ran out of my DIY Bathroom Scrub.

I got an idea.

I mixed up lemon juice, baking soda and water into a paste and tried using it as a scrub for various cleaning projects around the house.

The result? AMAZING.

Here’s what I did.

Continue reading


Quick ‘n Easy Natural Air Freshener

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was too cute not to try. It was posted my great blog called Itty Bitty Impact. Basically, it’s just baking soda and essential oils, but you can have so much fun with it and it can be made in less than 5 minutes! So here goes:

DIY Quick and Easy Natural Air Freshener Continue reading