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Savvy’s First Video!

Thank you for your patience while I handled a family emergency over the past month or so. I really appreciate those of you who emailed me with kind words. 🙂

I’m back with my first twist out video! Those of you who came to the last meetup saw the long version of this already. For those of you who have been following this blog for  awhile, you’ll know that the twistout is the base style that I use to create just about every other hairstyle I rock.

This video shows you the following:

  • My personal twist out reggie
  • How I use WonderCurl and Oyin products
  • How I get my hair all twisted in 1 hour (believe it)
  • How I really do have thick, 4b hair!

So take a look and please comment below here to tell me what you think, or ask questions! Continue reading

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Natural Hair Regimen

Every now and then I get an email or meet somebody who asks me how they can spend less time taking care of their natural hair. One young lady at a meet up told me that it takes her 6 HOURS to wash, condition, and style her hair every week. (Huh?!) I recently had a conversation with a cousin of mine who was lamenting her transition to natural because “it just takes so much work”. That comment always amuses me because I know women who spend upwards of 8-10 hours in salons gettin’ their hair “did”. (Read: “washed, straightened or weave”).

So I got to thinking…

Am I doing it wrong?

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My New Natural Poo Method

I’m excited about my new shampoo reggie because it’s saves money, product, water and detangling time! Of course it’s sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and cone-free. I was inspired by Naptural85 on YouTube and this video and adjusted it to work for me. I still haven’t tried the hair washing clay she’s using, but I’m itching to, (no pun intended) because it’s all natural!

My New Poo Method

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Olive Oil Pre-Poo Method

I was telling my cousin that I was looking for a new deep conditioner and she mentioned that she used olive oil to condition her hair and scalp.

Well duh.

I always have olive oil in the bathroom, whether I’m using it as a body oil or on my face for my Oil Cleansing Method I’ve used other oils in my hair, I don’t know why it never occurred to me to use olive oil as a pre-poo. A “pre-poo” is a hair conditioning method that you do before you wash your hair. In other words, you deep condition before cleaning your hair instead of after. I started Continue reading

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Guest Vlogger: missymistique’s Henna tutorial

I mentioned missymistique in my last post My Henna Gloss Recipe, and here is the video as promised. Missy uses some interesting ingredients like “purple antioxidants” that I’d like to try. For those of you with natural hair that are new to/struggling with henna, this tutorial video will be very helpful to you.
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My Henna Gloss Recipe

It’s been awhile since my last henna. One of the reasons is that the process is rather time consuming. You really need to block out a chunk of your day or night to do it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it, as you can see in my My First Henna and subsequent So I Tried Henna Again posts.

I decided to try Henna gloss for 2 reasons, from what I’ve read the process is shorter, and because you’re mixing the henna with conditioner, clean up (of both your hair and your bathroom) is easier.

Here’s what I used: Continue reading


My Weekly Hair Reggie

I’ve received a few emails asking me what my Hair Regimen is. This post outines my weekly hair regimen through this past winter season. As it warms up, (which I hope will happen soon) I might wear the twists less often, but we’ll see. As always, I don’t use anything in my hair or on my skin with parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, or sulfates. I try to stay away from cones too and I rarely dry my hair with heat.

Savvy Brown’s Curent Weekly Hair Reggie

  1. Wash hair in sections with Bee Mine Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar
  2. Detangle my sopping wet hair section-by-section with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner and a few drops of Vatika Oil, using a wide-tooth Shower comb Continue reading

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

I got this great idea from fellow blogger and naturalista Yoli Ouiya after meeting up for tea and coffee one day. (She has beautiful locs by the way). I’ve done oil rinses before, and I’ve made my own deep conditioners, but it had been ages since I actually did a hot oil treatment. Yoli made two great suggestions. Don’t use more than 1/4 cup of oil, unless you have really long hair and apply most of it to a wet scalp, pulling the excess through your strands.

Here’s what I did: Continue reading