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DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

I’ve used a bunch of things to organize my hair accessories in the past, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that I now consider my faves. I decided to post a few of my DIY Hair Accessory Organization tips as a series. Hopefully some of them will be helpful! This one uses upcycled shower curtain rings and Command Wire Hooks. Continue reading

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Argan Oil: What it is, What it does and Why You Should Care Where It Comes From

Argan Oil seems to be in everything these days, but it’s actually been around for thousands  of years and used by the Berber people of Morocco (thus the name Moroccan Oil). Since the late 1990’s it has taken the beauty biz by storm being included in everything from hair and skin treatments to candles and cooking oil. But not all argan oil is the same. Continue reading


Why I Do Not Comb My Coily Natural Hair Anymore

Natural hair can be difficult to detangle if you don’t do it properly. Which is why I made the decision to no longer comb my coily natural hair. It’s been months actually. Why? Well, it kind of happened by accident,  but the result is less breakage, and less shedding of my curly 4ABCDE hair. Continue reading

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Natural Hair Regimen

Every now and then I get an email or meet somebody who asks me how they can spend less time taking care of their natural hair. One young lady at a meet up told me that it takes her 6 HOURS to wash, condition, and style her hair every week. (Huh?!) I recently had a conversation with a cousin of mine who was lamenting her transition to natural because “it just takes so much work”. That comment always amuses me because I know women who spend upwards of 8-10 hours in salons gettin’ their hair “did”. (Read: “washed, straightened or weave”).

So I got to thinking…

Am I doing it wrong?

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Savvy Mailbag: “Help With Hair Growth”

Here’s a message that landed in my inbox a few weeks ago. I’m sure more of you have had this problem.

Monique wrote:

”…I have one quick question: I’ve been natural for about 5 years but the hair in the front of my head is still straight and will not grow or get thick no matter what I do. Do you know of anything that might help me? I usually do twists but when it comes to the front my hair usually looks like I haven’t done a thing to it the next day. Can’t wait to hear from you.”
Your up and coming all natural sister,

Hi Monique!

Everyone seems to have different textures of hair on their head. (Myself included, it drives me nuts!) It’s possible that past relaxers/hot pressing has changed the texture of your hair in that area.  I am not a certified hair dresser, but here’s what’s worked for me in the past: Continue reading

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Guest Post: Daisy Raybould on The Top 5 Oils For Healthy Beautiful Hair


Daisy Raybould has a passion for solving health problems the way nature intended. She, along with a number of fellow natural health enthusiasts, share their tips, secrets and recipes designed to help you obtain perfect health using the power of nature’s wonders at

The Top 5 Oils For Healthy Beautiful Hair

There are an abundance of natural oils that can help you to achieve beautiful, healthy looking hair. In this blog post, I want to share my top five.

Without further ado, let’s get going… Continue reading

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Guest Vlogger: missymistique’s Henna tutorial

I mentioned missymistique in my last post My Henna Gloss Recipe, and here is the video as promised. Missy uses some interesting ingredients like “purple antioxidants” that I’d like to try. For those of you with natural hair that are new to/struggling with henna, this tutorial video will be very helpful to you.
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