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Basket Full of Strawberries ca. 2000

Strawberry Cobbler In a Cup

Ok, so I’m kind of addicted to those quick desserts for one (or two really). I’ve been watching my weight, and smaller desserts help me splurge a little bit without falling off the wagon completely. I found this recipe for Strawberry Cobbler on the web and altered it a bit so that I could lower the calories down a bit. Here’s the result! Continue reading

stroke header

What Does Stroke Feel Like?

Continuing my series on stroke for Stroke Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about what stroke feels like and what it felt like for me. Stroke feels different for everyone, but some of the common symptoms are extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, blurred vision, prolonged dizziness, migraines, facial droop, slurred speech and numbness or loss of functionality of certain limbs. Continue reading

apple pie hdr

10 Minute Vegan Apple Pie (for two)

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this one. I found this delicious and simple dessert on the web completely by accident, and then altered it a bit. I think it’s for two people, (or two servings) because I feel that it comes out too big for just one person. If you want to make this gluten-free, then use gluten-free flour and oats. If you’re not vegan just sub in regular unsalted butter and regular flour and have at it!  It’s really easy. Enjoy! Continue reading

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“You’re having a stroke right now.”

No one ever wants to be in an ER hearing those words. But right before Christmas last year that’s exactly what happened to me. In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month I’ve decided to share my own personal story about how stroke has affected my life. After helping to care for my Dad for almost a year after he suffered from multiple strokes, my father passed away. My mom, a heart patient herself, while dealing with the stress of his care, also had a mini stroke during that time. What I never dreamed of was becoming  a victim of a stroke myself.  Continue reading

rice and beans

Savvy’s Jamaican-Style Red Beans and Rice

I try to make this whenever I have all of the ingredients. It’s adapted from a traditional Jamaican “rice and peas” recipe I got from a friend a while ago. This is a great make ahead dish for those of you who like to do most of your cooking on the weekends. Since the recipe yields a larger quantity, after it cools, I spoon half into a container for the week and the other half goes into sandwich bags in the freezer. Enjoy! Continue reading

alaffia- header

Review: Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap

I was in Whole Foods recently with a friend who was praising the Alaffia line of products. She had said that not only were the products quality, they were also sustainable and were serious about giving back to the communities that the ingredients are harvested from. I was sold. I decided to try the liquid black soap in Tangerine citrus. Continue reading

Thanks header

7 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes

So, you’re invited to a Thanksgiving soiree at a friend’s house, but you’re a vegetarian and they’re not. What to do? Well, I don’t eat turkey either, but I don’t like stressing my meat-and-poultry-eating friends out by making things difficult. So, I usually bring a couple of side dishes of my own that will hold me till dessert.

Because that’s the only part of the meal that really counts anyway at holiday time right? Continue reading


Putting Kale in the Blender and Other Things Mom Taught Me

So for all of you out there thinking that juicing requires a big expensive juicer with lots of attachments, growing wheatgrass on your kitchen counter and always having bushels (yes I said bushels) of fresh produce on hand, I’ve got news for you.

It’s really much easier than that.

Continue reading