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Simple Vegan White Bean Dip

One day for lunch, I pulled out carrots, celery and some tortilla chips I had made and was shocked to find that I was out of hummus. . So I rummaged through the cabinets and found a can of cannellini beans. Then I poked around the web until I found this recipe, and doctored it up a bit. It’s quick, easy, packed with protein and gave me something to dip my veggies in!

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Review: Guardian Tabletop Humidifier

I am a big fan of humidifiers. I find that sleeping with one close by keeps my skin hydrated and my hair soft. However, I HATE cleaning the things. Especially the parts that you can’t get to that get all icky and can even get moldy. That’s why set out to find a smaller, easier to clean table-sized version that I could use even in the hot summer!

Pure Guardian H1000 $37.50

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Review: EZ WYP Biodegradeable Hand Wipes

I discovered the EZ WYP (pronounced “easy wipe”) Biodegradable Wet Wipes at GreenFest this year and I was really impressed with his product. Not only is the product safe for the environment, it’s also really handy! (No pun intended).

EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes $7.99 (pack of 50 PLUS dispenser!)

So basically, what you get is a pack of 50 little tablet looking things. The tablets, are actually a biodegradable fabric that expands when exposed to liquids. You also get a little dispenser to carry around with you. The spill-proof dispenser holds water on one side and a stack of tablets on the other. Here’s how it works:

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Savvy’s Low-Cal Chocolate Mug Cake

A few months ago I found a recipe for chocolate mug cake. For those of you who are new, it’s basically a single serving of chocolate cake that you make in your microwave in under 5 minutes for those must-have chocolate days. Well, I was under (the mistaken) impression that single serving meant low-calories and boy was I wrong! The average mug cake recipe (with it’s 1/4 cup of flour and 3 tbsps of oil) usually rounds out to about 730 calories! Now that’s fine, if you’re willing to make four servings out of it, but me? Nope. When I get hit with a chocolate craving it hits hard. So I set out to find a way to make my favorite quick and easy dessert low calorie without sacrificing taste. I think this one turned out pretty well!

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What are BPAs?

BPA stands for bis-phenol A and is a chemical compound that has been used to make certain plastics and resins for the last 25 years or so. It’s purpose is to make polycarbonate plastic. Which is used for containers and coatings such as the lining of metal food containers, water bottles, pizza boxes and food take-out containers.

BPAs are found in everything from car bumpers to baby bottles to tomato sauce to cash-register receipts. The chemical is also found in life-saving lightweight medical equipment and security panels. It’s even used to make eyeglasses lenses and toys. BPAs are so prevalent in our society that the CDC reported in 2007 that the chemical was detected in the urine in 93% of the population over 6 years of age in this country. And was linked to a host of health problems.

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Simple Spice Vegan Scones

One chilly Saturday morning, I got it in my head that I wanted to have scones for breakfast with tea. However, I really didn’t feel like walking down to the corner café, and paying $5 for a scone the size of my head. (The fact the whole endeavor would require a level of dressing, coat-wearing and shoe-finding that I had no interest in performing didn’t help either). So I did what I usually do. I hopped on the web until I found a recipe that matched the ingredients in my fridge. After a bit of futzing, I altered something I found and came up with this. Enjoy! Continue reading

DIY Workouts on a Budget

One of my New Year’s Resolutions (like half the country) is to shed a few pounds. But another New Year’s Resolution is to stick to a budget! A third New Year’s resolution is to keep things simple. That’s means I’m not going to pay for a gym membership that I will barely use, I will take exercise seriously, but I’m not spending half the day doing it. What I have been doing lately is a combo of Continue reading

Christmas_Stress post

12 Ways to Fight the Holiday Crazies

Don’t let the holidays make you crazy, broke or gain 30 pounds. That’s just putting more pressure on those New Year’s Resolutions you never keep. Here’s 12 ways to stay sane this holiday season with out breaking the bank, (or your cousin’s arm).

  1. Shop online – There’s absolutely no reason to stand online for hours on end and fight the holiday crowds anymore. Not when just about everything we own can be ordered online. So save yourself the headache and cybershop this season. You easily find coupons for kinds of items at sites like Retail Me Not, Coupon Cabin, Current Codes, DealCatcher
  2. Regift – Got a gift from someone already that doesn’t suit you but would be perfect for a co-worker? Regift! The only time this is not a good idea, when the original giver is present when you make the exchange.
  3. Gift Cards – Have and uncle that needs everything but wants nothing? Yep. Time for a gift car. Some of the most generic to choose from are at Amazon. Check out Savvy Amazon Gift Cardsfor simple, last-minute gift giving. Continue reading

Sweet Vegan Cornbread

I’m always looking for recipes that can make enough to last more than one day, something vegan for Sexy, or can be eaten over more than one meal. This is all three! I adapted this from a recipe I found on allrecipes. This corn bread isn’t dessert sweet, but it’s definitely not bland either. Now, some purists might say that corn bread should never be sweet.

I disagree.

But, for those of you who subscribe to that point of view, feel free to decrease the sugar in this recipe. Continue reading