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6 DIY Green Holiday Decorating

6 DIY Green Holiday Decorating Ideas

Aside from family heirlooms, I can’t justify spending a lot of money on decorations that you will only use for about 2 months out of the year. On top of that, our landfills are full of unnecessary non-biodegradable seasonal decorations. Check out these lovely DIY green holiday decorating ideas for tips and tricks on how to make your home look lovely this holiday season. (You can actually try this stuff year round!)

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DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

I’ve used a bunch of things to organize my hair accessories in the past, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that I now consider my faves. I decided to post a few of my DIY Hair Accessory Organization tips as a series. Hopefully some of them will be helpful! This one uses upcycled shower curtain rings and Command Wire Hooks. Continue reading

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12 Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Just because you’re living in a 10×10 room doesn’t mean that you can’t stay organized. In fact, it’s kind of essential that you do, otherwise you won’t be able to open your door by the end of midterms. (Seriously). So here’s 12 ways to DIY and organize your dorm room on a budget. Continue reading

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DIY Cake Stand Inspired Organizer

I was totally influenced by the images below and how they up-cycled cake, cupcake stands and trays to use as cosmetic organizers. But then I realized something…

I don’t have a cake stand.

So 2 trips to the dollar store later, I came up with my own. (I decided to use the image on the left of my inspiration board as my guide). Continue reading


Shop Your Home When Decorating and Organizing

Before you run out to the store or get online to purchase that cute new something for the house, look around your home first and see if there’s any item that you’re not really using or one that could actually be used for something else. Here are some of my favorites…

– Ramekins– You know those little round bowls that you get fabulous creme bruleé in? Well those lovely little bowls can hold everything from jewelry to paperclips.

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Upcycled Linen Closet Redo

I hate parting with well-made pieces of furniture that I’ve had for years. So it should be no surprise that years ago, I decided to take the old armoire from my first apartment that held my TV and repurpose it as my “linen closet” in my larger bathroom. I removed the gliders and shelf for the TV and kept everything else. It fit perfectly, but the lack of shelves meant that towels and sheets got stacked precariously high. Continue reading

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Savvy DIY Cable Organization

In my continuing quest to organize stuff in my home, I had pushed cable organization to the top of the list. I was tired of not being able to find the correct cable when I needed it, or resorting to a dusty game of twister when something blew behind the TV and spending an hour trying to find the right cord, before I could troubleshoot the problem. These ideas helped me, and maybe they’ll help you too! Continue reading

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DIY Hanging Hoop Laundry Bag

I saw this over on Pinterest, (my new favorite hangout), and I couldn’t resist!

It’s originally from Martha Stewart

This laundry bag has 3 components:

  • 12” embroidery hoop (she used a 14” one, but I felt it was too big.)
  • Standard pillow case (you can use larger if you wish)
  • OR regular sized laundry bag with drawstring
  • Twine, string or ribbon to hang the whole thing up with

I made the pillowcase version, cuz, well, we’ve got a bunch of orphaned pillowcases laying around… Continue reading


DIY Pebble Boot Tray

A boot tray is a good idea to keep water and snow from tracking across your floors, but why not jazz it up a bit with a Pebble Boot Tray? It’s DIY and really easy to make.  I saw this great idea on Pinterest and followed it over to Martha Stewart’s website. The stones allow the water, ice and snow to drip right into the pan, without leaving those icky white marks around the edges of your boots. Here’s her version… Continue reading