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DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

I’ve used a bunch of things to organize my hair accessories in the past, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that I now consider my faves. I decided to post a few of my DIY Hair Accessory Organization tips as a series. Hopefully some of them will be helpful! This one uses upcycled shower curtain rings and Command Wire Hooks. Continue reading

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12 Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Just because you’re living in a 10×10 room doesn’t mean that you can’t stay organized. In fact, it’s kind of essential that you do, otherwise you won’t be able to open your door by the end of midterms. (Seriously). So here’s 12 ways to DIY and organize your dorm room on a budget. Continue reading


Vacuuming the Shower and Other Housecleaning Shortcuts

In my New Year’s quest to simplify everything, I’ve come up with a few nifty ways of cutting time out of my cleaning schedule.

Use a Timer – It’s funny how we all work faster when we’re under pressure. I find I can clean up a room pretty quick if I know I only have 15 minutes to do it (and I pretend that my mother is on her way over). 15 mins: pickups only, 30 minutes: pickups, dusting and sweep, 1 hour: all of the above plus mop the floors. Continue reading

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What To Buy for “No Buy” Month

Now, it might seem counterintuitive to “buy”  things for “No Buy” month, but I promise if you have these items on hand, it’ll make things go easier. The key to saving money, is being organized and prepared. (Multitasking items doesn’t hurt either). Don’t worry, you can still participate if you don’t have these items, but I can guarantee that you’ll be using these items for the next 6 months at least! So here’s 12 things I think would be helpful for you to buy if you don’t already have them on hand for “No Buy Month”.

Trust me. You’ll use this stuff again! Continue reading

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Get Through the Holidays Without Losing your Mind, Blowing Your Budget or Gaining Weight

Every year people go nuts during the holidays, often starting the next year with a host of stress and health-related problems. Not to mention broke. Well here are 15 simple tips that will help you get through the holidays like a sane person and keep you out of the poor house to boot. Continue reading


Shop Your Home When Decorating and Organizing

Before you run out to the store or get online to purchase that cute new something for the house, look around your home first and see if there’s any item that you’re not really using or one that could actually be used for something else. Here are some of my favorites…

– Ramekins– You know those little round bowls that you get fabulous creme bruleé in? Well those lovely little bowls can hold everything from jewelry to paperclips.

Continue reading

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Cheap Dresser Drawer Organization

So the next stop on my Spring Cleaning journey is my bedroom dresser drawers. They were a mess. And it always takes me forever to find stuff anyway, so I hunted around for things to use as drawer dividers or some type of separation tools.
As I’ve mentioned before, the best thing to do is to start by shopping your home first. So I poked around my basement and the back of one of my closets, (I’ve got to put that one on the list!) until I found these spring loaded drawer divider things that I forgot that I had!

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