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Guest Post: J. Money Thinks Budgets Are Sexy

One of my favorite blogs on money and budgeting out there right now is Budgets Are Sexy written by J. Money. The thing that I like the most about his site is that he is an everyday guy (a husband and new dad) that explains money and saving in real world terms. (He was laid off from his job and still found ways to save). His site also offers interactive templates and tips that are really useful. (I still use a budget template of his from like two years ago).

All that being said, I was really excited when J. agreed to offer some of his budgeting tips and tricks in honor of No Buy Month! Check out this great interview, and check out his site!

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What To Buy for “No Buy” Month

Now, it might seem counterintuitive to “buy”  things for “No Buy” month, but I promise if you have these items on hand, it’ll make things go easier. The key to saving money, is being organized and prepared. (Multitasking items doesn’t hurt either). Don’t worry, you can still participate if you don’t have these items, but I can guarantee that you’ll be using these items for the next 6 months at least! So here’s 12 things I think would be helpful for you to buy if you don’t already have them on hand for “No Buy Month”.

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Here Comes “No Buy” Month!

Are you Ready for No-Buy Month?

I mentioned in a poll on my Facebook page last week that I’m going to follow in Frugalista’s footsteps and take on “No Buy Month” for the month of February. Many of you who took the poll on my page said you were willing to participate. Well, let me define what that means…

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Get Through the Holidays Without Losing your Mind, Blowing Your Budget or Gaining Weight

Every year people go nuts during the holidays, often starting the next year with a host of stress and health-related problems. Not to mention broke. Well here are 15 simple tips that will help you get through the holidays like a sane person and keep you out of the poor house to boot. Continue reading


Last Minute Green Father’s Day Gifts

So if you’re still trying to figure out what to get Dad for Father’s Day, you still have one day left. If you’re dad’s like mine, then he’s so happy to get any kind of gift, he won’t care if it’s o Father’s Day or a few days after, you’re in luck. You can still order something. If you just flaked, and just can’t show up empty handed, go buy a card tomorrow and write in it that his gift is “on it’s way” and pick one of the items below. (If you’re here, you’re out of time anyway, so read on…)

Last-Minute Green Gifts for Dad’s

Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX for PC and Mac – Sexy has one of these and he loves it. (Granted, I find it all over the house but that’s another story).


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10 Steps to a Greener Back-to-School

It’s that time of the year again.. Back-to-school. So I thought I’d do a little digging, and find out some ways in which you can green up your back-to-school shopping without breaking the bank. Well I found so much that I’m going to spread the info over a few posts. Here’s a list of 10 ways (there’s tons more trust me) that you can make your Back-to-School purchases a little more green. And actually save some money in the long run!
  1. Recycle Printer Paper – If you must print, and you’re not making a presentation, load up the printer with paper that’s already been printed on one side
  2. Recycled paper notebooks and notebook paper– these are now easily found at most major office supply retailers
  3. Recycled Binders – There are many binders out there made of reclaimed/upcycled materials such as plastic water bottles, rubber tires even bamboo
  4. Mechanical Pencils and Refillable Pens– instead of constantly thrwoing out pens that don’t work and trying to find that sharpener, use writing implements that can be refilled.
  5. Bike to Class– instead of taking the bus, or having mom or dad drive you, use pedal power instead. Just be sure you don’t ride without a proper helmet!
  6. BYOL – “Bring your own lunch”– but instead of aplastic bags, try to use recyclable lunch pouch, or even a trendy new bento box to Continue reading