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DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

I’ve used a bunch of things to organize my hair accessories in the past, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that I now consider my faves. I decided to post a few of my DIY Hair Accessory Organization tips as a series. Hopefully some of them will be helpful! This one uses upcycled shower curtain rings and Command Wire Hooks.

DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

savvybrown_DIY Hair Accessory OrganizationI use Scunci No-Slip Flat Black Headwraps as both headbands and ponytail holders (doubled up) and I kept losing them. (When I walk in the house, they’re the first thing to get taken off!) I also use Scunci No Damage Elastic Hair Bands as well. I’ve realized having a place to actually put little things like this is really makes a difference in me staying organized!

  • What are some of your DIY hair accessory organization tips?
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One thought on “DIY Hair Accessory Organization #1

  1. Bella Donna

    Cute idea! I have a million hair ties scattered throughout the house but I can never find one when I need one.

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