DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvybrown

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner

Ok I’ll admit it. I get busy and sometimes the dinner dishes don’t get done till the next morning. (I’m human, it happens.) This why I keep baking soda and vinegar right by the sink in case I need to make some DIY Natural Sink Cleaner. Last week I picked up my cast iron skillet which had been left in the sink from the day before and the sink looked like this…

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvybrown


Now I know what most of you are thinking… there’s no way those “natural” cleaners she’s always talking about are gonna REALLY clean THAT!

Think again my friend :)

First I sprinkled the area with baking soda

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvybrownthen I poured some vinegar over the whole area and let it bubble up and sit for about 5 mins.

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvybrown
Then I came back and sprinkled more baking soda and used my Skoy cloth to scrub the sink until it was clean.

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvybrownSo for all of you who are on the fence about the strength of “green” cleaning, I give you Exhibit A.

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvy brown

Exhibit A

I rest my case. 😉

DIY Natural Sink Cleaner, savvy brownI use a baker’s powdered sugar shaker like this one to keep my baking soda in by the sink.*

Here are some Alternative DIY Natural Sink Cleaner Recipes to try:

  • Sprinkle baking soda with a capful of lemon juice and scrub
  • Sprinkle baking soda with vinegar, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and 4 drops of tea tree oil and scrub


  • What is your DIY Natural Sink Cleaner recipe?

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9 thoughts on “DIY Natural Sink Cleaner

  1. Kcurly

    I love baking soda! It’s the bomb! I scrub my bathtubs with this and vinegar just because I can’t imagine having my little man taking a bath in a tub cleaned with chemicals.

  2. misslycia

    My Dad told me about this trick, but I didn’t believe it until he demonstrated it. AMAZING! I’ll never go back to commercial sink cleansers.

  3. Clarissa Edmondson Bridges

    I tried the baking soda today in my sink and it worked wonders! I picked up a box of baking soda yesterday while shopping at Whole Foods..I sprinkled some over a few areas in my sink and it took the stains RIGHT out! Even the rust spots!

    Thanks “Savvy Brown”
    Love your BLOG*

  4. hippygreenchick

    Baking soda is great and it’s one of the least expensive cleaning products to buy, I use it to clean my stainless steel pots and pans. Cleaning products with chemicals make my head hurt.

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