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Dropps Laundry Pacs Review

I have had a few readers ask me about Dropps, and then one day they started following me on the Savvy Brown Facebook Page and I decided to give them a try. Here’s my review:

Dropps Laundry Detergent Pacs 18oz. $7.99 (Fresh Scent)

Ingredients: Laureth – 7 (Plant derived + biodegradable cleaning agent), Polyoxyethylene (20) oleyl ether (Plant derived + biodegradable cleaning agent), Propylene Glycol (Processing agent), Hexylene glycol (Processing agent), Agua (water), Fragrance (derived from natural oils)

I have a front load washing machine, so I had to remember to toss a pac in before
I loaded it up.
But these things work great! I really decided to test the pacs one day when I had to
clean up a big mess after one of my cats…well…malfunctioned. To be honest
, I did use two pacs that time instead of one. I washed a throw rug and a bunch of microfiber rags on warm with a cold rinse, using my own DIY Fabric Softener Recipe and everything came out great! I really like the fresh scent fragrance, but they have several to chose from. The great thing about Dropps is that it eliminates waste, since the entire pac gets dissolved in water. Even the packaging is biodegradable through Terracycle. The other great things about these things is that they’re portable! (So you won’t insult the not-so-green-in-laws when you need to wash your clothes!). Dropps clean your clothes well and are very low-impact on the environment.

This makes me happy. 🙂

RATING: 5 Smart – Great product, great ingredients, great price and low impact!
Dropps detergent Pacs are available here.

Savvy Ratings: 5=Savvy 4=Smart 3=Suitable 2=Satisfactory 1=Stupid


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