brown sugar body scrub, savvy brown

Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

When I discovered that body scrub is so ridiculously easy and cheap to make, I was tempted to walk into to Sephora and smack the nearest salesgirl. ($22 for some body scrub?! I don’t think so).
brown sugar body scrub, savvybrown

Here’s what I used:
  • raw brown sugar ( NOT the “Brownulated” kind)
  • white sugar (you’re trying to be healthy right? So you shouldn’t be eating this stuff anyway)
  • 1/2 cup sweet almond oil
  • 1/2 cup  grape seed oil
  • spoon (or something to stir with)
  • vanilla oil (or vanilla extract)
  • peppermint oil
  • anise oil
  • spoon, tongue depressor or pop-sickle stick
  • empty plastic jar (any size will do, I recycled an old body scrub container)

First, I filled the  jar halfway with the brown sugar, and then filled it almost to the top with the white sugar.

brown sugar body scrub, savvybrown

I made a well in the center of the sugar and poured the oils in. As you pour you should stir in the oil until all of it is wet but not saturated. If you need a little more sugar go ahead and add it. It should look like this.Then I added 20 drops of peppermint oil, 10 of anise, and 1 capful of vanilla extract and I stirred until well blended.

brown sugar body scrub, savvy brown

All Done!
To use: After you’ve washed up in the shower or tub,  right before you step out, stick two fingers in the jar of scrub and rub onto your skin in a circular motion. It sloughs off dead skin cells nicely. Once you’ve scrubbed all over, rinse off any excess sugar (not the oil) and step out of the shower. Step out of the shower and towel off. Because your pores are open and you’re using penetrating oils, you’re left with soft, smooth, moisturized skin! I never have to use lotion on the days I use my body scrub, even in winter!
Tips: Feel free to substitute any essential oils that you would like to use. Sweet orange and peppermint smell great, so does lemon balm. You can also use jojoba oil or avocado oil as a base if you’d like. Also, I don’t promote plastic often, but ever drop a glass jar in a wet shower without your glasses on? (I have, it’s not fun, I’m telling you.) So use a plastic container just to be safe. I also think that tongue depressors and popsickle sticks (even a chopstick) are easier to stir this mixture with and make less of a mess. (Next time you’re at the doc’s office, just ask for some!) The sugar will separate a bit from the oil, but that’s normal, don’t add more, just stir it up a little every time you use it.
  • Do you make your own scrubs? What oils do you use?
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64 thoughts on “Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

  1. Fleurzty

    I love using oils on my body. Lotions never seem to get my thirsty skin hydrated, but oils get the job done every time. I love grapeseed and avocado oils. They are very rich, yet light enough to absorb into my skin without leaving a residue behind, or any unwanted grease.

  2. Savvy

    @Converting Me Thank you! I’m loving YOUR blog. I’m proud of you already! What a wonderful, courageous thing your doing sharing your journey with the world!

  3. SisterBoyd

    I’ve been mixing oils for years and I make bath salts. However, I have yet to jump into making my own scrubs. I think I’ll be doing that real soon. Thanks Savvy!

  4. Savvy

    You’re welcome. But you can’t leave a comment like that and not share with the rest of the class! If you email me one or two of those bath salt recipes I’ll post ‘em!

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  6. SisterBoyd

    Ok I just mixed a batch of body scrub and I’m excited! I can’t wait use it ;) I used…

    1. raw brown sugar
    2. regular sugar
    3. 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil
    4. 1/2 cup of sweet almond oil and olive oil combined
    5. 1 drop of rosemary oil
    6. 10-20 drops of orange and sage oils

    I used an old coconut oil container that I had NOT washed out so that’s a good recycleable container and it had a tiny bit of coconut oil left in it. So see why I’m really excited.

    The salts are rather easy. You’ll need salts. I get mine from the OSH (home and garden store). They come in 50lbs bags. Food coloring. Sometimes I use cake coloring. And essential oils or perfumed body oils. Mix to your liking. I’ve done some different things like melt sheal butter and add to my mix. Today I bought 2 things of castile soap and I might try something with that.

  7. Savvy

    Ooooo. I am going to TRY the bath salts! What kind of salt do you get from the Home and Garden store?! Is it epsom salt?

  8. SisterBoyd

    I tried my scrub this morning and it was divine! If I don’t want to use my oils after I get out of the shower I just need to make sure I scrub every inch of my body and not miss any parts. My left arm was a little dry by the time I left the house, but I don’t think I totally covered it in the shower. You know me always running late ;p

    No not Epsom Salt – they don’t have that at the OSH. You get the water softener salts. Depending on the store you go to they may have different sizes. However, I get this big bag because I make huge amounts. If you’re just making some for yourself then you can get Epsom salt from your drug or grocery store. Epsom salt is the same as the water softener salt, but is just smaller.

  9. Naturalhonney

    Ok so I’m just getting into making scrubs was getting them from warm spirit but they went out of buisness and were way too expensive also I just brought some from Wholefoods at 12.99 a lb and decided that’s it I will make my own from now on. I made a scrub for my face using white sugar and honey I have oily skin so no oils for this one the honey draws out impurities I LOVE IT!

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  11. Sharina

    I’m giving this a try tonight! I’m excited since I’ve never made my own scrub before. I’m tweaking the recipe just a bit and I’ll be sure to come back with results! :)

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  13. julia

    Homemade sugar scrub is the only way to go. A while back a took a look at the ingredients of whatever scrub was in my shower and was almost instantly PO’d that I’d spent 20-some-odd-dollars for a few dollars worth of things I had in my kitchen and some pretty packaging. HA! never again!
    My husband was pretty happy I started making my own because now I don’t have to be stingy with it :)

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  16. alicia

    i’m itching to try this out! Looks so luxurious!

    But one question before i do, how long does the sugar scrub keep for? I’m afraid of it going bad or something..

  17. Savvy

    @alicia I suppose a month or two. I’m guessing because we always run out after about 3 weeks, with both me and Sexy using it. Feel free to add few drops of tea tree or rosemary essential oils. (Those are natural preservatives)

  18. SisterBoyd

    Alicia, I had mine longer than 2 months and it was fine. I used a lot of oils though.

  19. mangomadness

    I’m so gonna make this! I’m a college student though so I think I’ll use canola oil, brown sugar and white sugar. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Savvy

    @J if used everyday, about a month, but when I make it, I use it maybe twice a week or so and it lasts me twice as long. Thanks for commenting!

  21. S in Springville

    Where can I purchase the oils mentioned in your recipe? I’m new to this, but would love to make it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Alexandra@MommyGlow

    Hi! I was searching for a brown sugar scrub and your blog came up! Cant wait to try this. I think Im going to add jojoba & I picked up a mix of essential oils w/ the base being lavender. Oh and also going to use vitamin E oil!!! I have 2 find a container somewhere!!

  23. Alexandra@MommyGlow

    Your a GENIUS! We had nachos tonight, and guess what I have…an empty salsa can!! Though I have to save it from the trash lolo, but that is a great idea for a jar!!! Question: What is the importance/significance of using both brown sugar and white sugar? I bought organic brown sugar that is coaser than regular brown sugar…but the white sugar? Is that just another element of texture?

  24. Savvy

    @Alexandra *giggle* Glad I could help! I like the two different textures. White sugar tends to be fine, while the turbinado has bigger crystals and is more abrasive. (good for knees and elbows). I don’t like using that fake “brownulated” stuff

  25. toby

    savvy can you please tell me which brand of brown sugar you use in this scrub. i went looking..too many choices of brown sugar and none mentioned raw. thanx

  26. Sara

    Thanks for posting this! You have inspired me to try it. I think I am going to use jojoba oil. I also saw on ehow that some people use oatmeal that they grind down in a food processer. Also, they mentioned using a touch of lemon juice as an astringent/preservative. I think I may do some experimenting and try to incorporate all these things.

  27. Savvy

    @Sara You’re welcome! Jojoba is a great oil to use, however, since you need to use quite a bit oil for this, I find that the jojoba can be a bit too expensive for this use. I haven’t heard of the oatmeal idea, but it makes sense. I actually use that method on my face. Rosemary, and tea tree oil are my recommendations for preservatives. Be careful with the lemon juice, because as your sloughing off dead skin with the scrub, your new skin might be a bit sensitive, and the acid from the lemon juice might irritate it.

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  29. LadyWebb

    Thank you SavvyBrown for you being you!!

    Truth be told, I’ve been referring to your site constantly during my two years of natural transition. I must say, now my whole family are completely natural and loving it! You’ve had some wonderful postings on here. But this one I couldn’t resist in responding.

    I had experienced the worse of adult acne and all the “Big” name brands and “Big” wig doctors did nothing but willingly accept my hard earn mula. I’m one to use a product for at least 3-6mths, allowing my skin to adapt. Needless to say, a previous young model had become an ugly duckling with self-esteem issues until I began to research the benefits of natural products.

    With your help… I’m now blemish free, Afro-centric, Eco conscious and over all loving me as for whom the creator has intended me to be. However, I’ve been on an internal search for natural scrubs; since I’m now reading EVERYthing on the labels. But where to start, was the biggest challenge.

    I purchase most of my essentials and natural products from Moutain Rose site and have implemented your scrub guideline to it. Oh My! Is all I can say. For someone who now pampers themselves, instead of waiting for an appointment… Oh My! I tried the sugar treatment… But I’ve found that the Salt does my body good. Here’s my ingredients: Black Lava Salt & Himalayan Pink Salt with Oil of Ibrahim, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil & Lavender Oil. Usage is twice a week and I never miss my me time.. but My Mr. Sexy had to have his own batch and yes what a wonderful 16th year this has been.

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  32. Victoria

    I finally made my scrub! With Lemon Grass, a dash of Mogra and a dash of Sandalwood! Yum! It’s a bit sweet but I love it. I’ll use less Lemon Grass next time and maybe add a dash of Patchouli, or sumn’ else more masculine.

    Thanks Savvy! Loving these ideas! True hedge-witchery!

  33. Angela

    We have a lot of honey from our bees and I would like to add that to the scrub or make some scrubs with it to give out as Christmas gifts. Do you know if I can add it to this recipe and if so how much of it I should use?

  34. Savvy

    @Angela I’m stuck on the part where you said you have BEES! That is so cool! Yes, you can absolutely add your honey to this recipe, I wouldn’t add more than a tablespoon though. Mix it well, and the oils will keep it from crystallizing. Do you sell your honey online?

  35. Angela

    We live on a large parcel of land so they bees are not a problem! At this time we don’t sell any of the honey, but if we do start you’ll be the first to know!
    Now I will put a touch in the scrubs and add that to gift box. Thank you for the recipe. I saw a small scrub for $26 the other day and scoffed at them! I will make my own thank you!


  36. MzJ


    I love your scrub recipe! I used to be a Warm Spirit Rep and i loved their products! When they went out of business, I went on a search to find comparable products…..with no success I began to make my own scrubs, soaks, body oil, & whipped shea butter body butter, I have just recently learned to make my own black soap body wash. I absolutely love making my own products and it is much more cost effective. Nice to see there ate others that share the same love for nature based stuff that is yummy to the hair and skin :-) . Thanks for sharing!


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