How to Scrub a Dirty Sink Naturally…

I get busy. Sexy and I are BOTH busy. And sometimes the dinner dishes don’t get done till the next morning. (We’re human, it happens.)Last week I picked up my cast iron skillet which had been left in the sink from the day before and the sink looked like this…


Now I know what most of you are thinking… there’s no way those “natural” cleaners she’s always talking about are gonna REALLY clean THAT!

Think again my friend :)

First I sprinkled the area with baking soda

sprinkle baking soda over the area...

then I poured some vinegar over the whole area and let it bubble up and sit for about 5 mins.

...then add vinegar and let it bubble

Then I came back and sprinkled more baking soda and used my Skoy cloth to scrub the sink until it was clean.

After 5 mins scrub clean

So for all of you who are on the fence about the strength of “green” cleaning, I give you Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

I rest my case. ;)

  • What are some of your “green” cleaning recipes?
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9 thoughts on “How to Scrub a Dirty Sink Naturally…

  1. Kcurly

    I love baking soda! It’s the bomb! I scrub my bathtubs with this and vinegar just because I can’t imagine having my little man taking a bath in a tub cleaned with chemicals.

  2. misslycia

    My Dad told me about this trick, but I didn’t believe it until he demonstrated it. AMAZING! I’ll never go back to commercial sink cleansers.

  3. Clarissa Edmondson Bridges

    I tried the baking soda today in my sink and it worked wonders! I picked up a box of baking soda yesterday while shopping at Whole Foods..I sprinkled some over a few areas in my sink and it took the stains RIGHT out! Even the rust spots!

    Thanks “Savvy Brown”
    Love your BLOG*

  4. hippygreenchick

    Baking soda is great and it’s one of the least expensive cleaning products to buy, I use it to clean my stainless steel pots and pans. Cleaning products with chemicals make my head hurt.

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