Shop Your Home When Decorating and Organizing

Before you run out to the store or get online to purchase that cute new something for the house, look around your home first and see if there’s any item that you’re not really using or one that could actually be used for something else. Here are some of my favorites…

- Ramekins- You know those little round bowls that you get fabulous creme bruleé in? Well those lovely little bowls can hold everything from jewelry to paperclips.

photo credit: pioneerwoman.com

- Tea tins- I love tea! Especially the kind that come in those pretty containers that I can get for cheap in Chinatown. Those are doing double-duty in my bathroom holding, hair clips, bobby pins and makeup brushes.

photocredit: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

- Shoe rack – NOT just for shoes. Think about it, they’re really just freestanding shelves. I shoved one in the old TV cabinet in my bathroom and now it hold my towels and sheets (very neatly I might add). You can put books, records (google the term kids), even organize your magazines on them! Here’s how I used one for linen storage.

- Mugs and Teacups – You’re probably already using them to hold office supplies like pens and markers, but have you ever thought of turning a vintage teacup into a candle? Or flipping it over and using it as a candle holder? Or how about using one to put candy in on a side table, or hold a small bouquet?

photo credit: casasugar.com

Bottles – I LOVE bottles. These make great bud vases, and if you group them together and/or slide a tray under them, they make great centerpieces! You can also use them to hold your bracelet collection. (I would fill the bottle halfway with sand though, just so it’s stable).

photo credit: goodhousekeeping.com

- Salsa and Tomato Sauce Jars – If you’ve seen my body scrub, bath scrub or beauty recipes on this site then you KNOW I love me some salsa jars. I use them for everything from storing leftover food, (much better than most BPA-laden plastics), to using them as mini mixing bowls to whip up a face mask, hair mask or some dip.

photo credit: bellinacreations.blogspot.com

- Old suitcases – I use a stack of vintage ones for guest linen storage. But you can get really get creative and upcycle them into minibars, dressers, even pet beds!

photo credit: Pawsh Magazine

- Metal Bakeware – I am actively trying to use less aluminum around the house but instead of dumping things, I reuse them! I use an old cookie sheet under one of my cat’s food and water bowls (because he secretly thinks he’s a dog and eats messily like one). You can also use muffin tins to hold jewelry, or spray paint a bundt pan and use it as a planter or even a lampshade!

photo credit: BootsNGus

- Shoeboxes – Want to get organized? Then save those shoe boxes and shove them into your drawers, up onto shelves, and under the sink to hold stuff!

photo credit: Levi Brown


Coffee Creamer Containers – Those CoffeeMate containers are great for snack dispensing. And they fit PERFECTLY in your car’s cupholder! They also can carry cold drinks well too!

photo credit: whynotdoityourself.tumblr.com


- What are some nifty upcycling tips that you use around the house?

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2 thoughts on “Shop Your Home When Decorating and Organizing

  1. Amaechina

    Gone are the days of piggy banks so I used my larger scrap pieces of vibrantly colored African print fabric and some regular white glue to cover my empty plastic water jugs. On the white carrying strap I wrote the denomination of the coin. I cut a slit in the cap so I could deposit the coins. And, to keep me honest, lol, I also glued the cap to the bottle. The jugs are so beautiful that I’m deterred from breaking into them to get the accumulated change. They also serve as great “pops” of color in different rooms on shelves and tables.

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