Honey Facial Mask Recipe

Ever since I found out about honey’s healing benefits, I’ve been troving the web for more ways to use it. This is is one of the ones I came up with after cobbling a few together.

Honey is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant and has wonderful skin cleansing properties. It even contains a protein that helps kill bacteria and can help reduce inflammation and scarring.

Love. That.

Honey Face Mask Reipe

1 tbsp raw honey (I’m sure you can use regular honey too)
1 tbsp olive oil (I use first cold pressed organic)
1 egg yolk

Whip till creamy, then apply to freshly washed skin. I used this as part of my Homemade Facial Routine, and my skin came out nice and smooth. ^____^

It’s so easy. Try it! (Unless of course, you’re allergic to honey.)

  • Do you use honey to make your own face masks? What’s your recipe?
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15 thoughts on “Honey Facial Mask Recipe

  1. Ruth

    I’m going to ask a question that might sound silly to you… what other kind of honey is there, other than ‘raw’?

    Yes, I really do want to know… I’m Jamaican and that’s the only kind I know.

  2. Savvy

    @Ruth Good question!

    You can find Raw Honey in the Savvy Shop here.

    Commercial Honey is pasteurized which means it been heated up at high temperatures to removes any possible bacteria and also gives it that smooth, transparent appearace. It also has a longer shelf life. It looks like the picture at the top of this post.

    Raw Honey is filtered to remove impurities using special equipment instead of heat. It is much more coarse, thick, opaque, can’t be poured without melting it a bit and tends to contain parts of the honeycomb and other nutrients that are removed in the commercial version.

    Raw honey looks like this…
    raw honey

  3. Tara

    @ Savvy, try adding some pineapple to that recipe, your face will be in heaven:)

    Some of my honey variations are 4 pineapple chunks, 1 tbsp raw honey and 2 tbsp grapeseed oil. If I’m figting some acne I’ll combine 3 pineapple chunks, 3 slices of papaya, tbsp of honey and a tbsp of green tea. I just love adding fruit to my honey masks. It makes my face soft and radiant. It also helps rid of old acne scars.

  4. K

    Tara I break out one pimple then scar.. then nothing then pimple then scar… I am going to try ur variation. Thanks ladies

  5. mangomadness

    I use regular honey as a standalone face mask. I also use it as a overnight spot treatment when I get a blemish. It works like a charm.

  6. Jackie

    I use honey in my scrubs. My favorite 1 is 1/2 a cup of sugar mixed with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. It makes my face feel soft and mosturized. I have dry skin and I don’t need to put lotion on afterwards.

  7. Savvy

    @Jackie Ooooh. That sounds like a yummy body scrub. I would never have thought of putting all of that on my face. But I’m gonna try it! Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Jackie

    @Savvy about how much do you spend a year to make these skin care products? How much money did you save by making your own skin care products?

  9. Savvy

    @Jackie Ya know? I’ve never done the math. I’m kinda allergic to math. I’ll have to work on that and get back to you. It might even be a post! Thanks for the comment!

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