How I Use Castile Soap to Wash My Hair

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ve probably seen my post series called “Why I don’t Shampoo My Hair”. In it I explain  why I refuse to use sulfates in my hair. I also avoid dimethicone, parabens and paraffinum liquidilum (petreoleum jelly).  I do co-wash, but not all the time because I feel that it doesn’t get my scalp as clean as I would like. I also REFUSE to pay $27 for a bottle of shampoo.

So what’s a frugal curly girl to do?

Well, I decided to try washing my hair with castille soap a little while ago and I love it! I’m a fan of the peppermint myself, cuz it makes my scalp all tingly. It’s also crazy convenient, because I always have tons of the stuff around, because I clean half of my house with it! (For more ideas on how to use Castile soap all over your house, check out My Dr. Bronner’s 30 Day Challenge Post.)

So here’s my formula :

Liquid Castile Soap Shampoo

  • 3 parts water
  • 1 part castille soap

This usually works out pretty well. I just use an old conditioner bottle to keep it in and a 10oz bottle lasts me about 6 weeks of weekly washings.

You can find the same kind of castille soap I use on my hair right here in the Savvy Shop.

  • Do you use castille soap to wash your hair? What kind and what’s your formula?
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62 thoughts on “How I Use Castile Soap to Wash My Hair

  1. Charlotte Quevedo

    I use castille soap but I also use Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo which is basically castille soap, they use shea butter as an added conditioning ingredient instead of stuff like jojoba oil which actually builds up much faster and is not as easily washed out.

    I do use mineral oil exclusively on my hair, the fragrance free laxative form. My hair has never been healthier and free of tangles. Mineral oil is both safe and natural and great for those who have relentlessly dry hair.

    I have loose fine curls but my hair has been really long most of my life. It is quite dry without mineral oil and very fragile. Until I started using it I could not even braid my hair anymore. Now I wear it however I want so long as it is nothing apparently damage which I do not do anyway.

  2. Laurie

    Hi ! I started using Castile about 2 weeks ago and so far I hate it 🙁 I use a 2 tbsp rose Castile and 1 tbsp coconut milk mixture and my hair is so greasy, flat and dull. I honestly don’t know what to do. Should I try it with water? I really feel like giving up.

  3. Savvy

    @Laurie I’m so sorry that it isn’t working for you. I think that all of that oil might be too much for your hair.First, I would rinse your hair with a 1/4cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water to get all of the residue out. If you want to try using it again, I would try 1 tbsp with 10-12 ounces of water. Mix or shake it well and put it in an applicator bottle so that you can target your scalp. You hair will get washed as you rinse it out. Not every product works for everyone. If you don’t think this is method, I recommend trying this product or a shampoo bar like this one as a healthy alternative.

  4. CB

    After reading this, I’ve decided to give castile a go. Ever since I tried the bicarbonate of soda no-poo, I’ve suffered from nasty dusty hair. It looks okay, and when I run my hands through it, it feels clean, but literally the first brushing after my hair has dried, my brush looks like it’s been dragged through a tray of talc. Slightly greasy talc. It’s really disgusting. I’d never had this problem before. I only used the bicarb method twice, but both times my hair just felt so manky and greasy and DUSTY! And even though I had to switch back to the nasty stuff, I’ve suffered from this horrible residue ever since.

    I went back to my Pantene Clarifying. Same problem. I’ve tried washing with soap bars, same problem. A pure olive castile bar diluted in water. Same problem. The only thing that cleans it now is Original Source lemon shower gel (I don’t know if you get it there) which does contain SLES and I’d rather avoid it. So I’m really hoping the castile will work, because I don’t know what else to try. I’ve heard of using a rye/chickpea flour paste, but I have a feeling my hair will end up dustier than ever with that! Any ideas?

  5. Savvy Brown Post author

    @CB. Wow! It sounds like you’re going through a lot there. I would suggest clarifying your hair first so that you can get “all the gunk out” by using this method. I have never been able to get the baking soda method to work on my hair, so I feel you there. Now, using castile soap doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, there are some who say that depending on the pH balance of your hair (and water), it doesn’t always work. But I look hair at hair cleansing as a two-part process. Part 1 is cleaning my scalp and Part 2 other is cleaning and moisturizing my hair. Castille works GREAT for cleaning my scalp and getting product out of my hair. After that I rely on my conditioner to detangle and moisturize. Also, deep conditioning help A LOT. So don’t just rely on your shampoo, make sure the other products you’re using all work together. HTH!

  6. SIA

    i have just started using castile soap, i rinse my hair with hard water. every time i rinse there is severe loss of hair. is it because PH of the soap, is it because non sufficient curing of soap or bad reciepe.

  7. Savvy Brown Post author

    @SIA Thanks for your comment! First, I just want to make sure you know this is just my opinion and I am NOT a beautician or a doctor. That being said, it could be the pH balance of the castile soap. There are several people who feel it’s too acidic for hair. (I have never had that problem, but that could be the case for you). I don’t believe hard water has anything to do with loss of hair. From what I’ve read, hair loss often stems from dietary changes, dehydration, medication and yes, sometimes the products we use. I would stop using castile soap if I were you, start drinking LOTS of water, and use another type of shampoo to see if you still have the same problem. If so, it’s time to talk to your doctor or dermatologist. Good luck!

  8. SIA

    thanks Savvy for your comment on hard water.
    i have made shampoo for below formulation.
    Castile liquid soap 30 % + distilled water 30 % + commercial Soap flakes 20 % + olivi oil pomace 15 % + vitamin e oil 0.25 % + rosemary oil 0.25 % + HIbiscus + aloevera gel 4.5 %
    but still iam getting hair fall when i apply this formulation and also my hair become very dry and brittle.
    i used to shampoo my hair every day, with above formulation , is hairfall due to this ?
    is this because PH balance formulation ? , can u suggest me good reciepe near by above.

  9. Savvy Brown Post author

    @SIA Hmmm. First, I’m going to suggest that you just use the castile soap and the distilled water and use 3 times as much water as castile soap and see how that works first. I have never used commercial soap flakes in my hair, (only in my laundry) so I can’t comment on its affect alone. Also, your ratios suggest that you’re using WAY more soap than water and from my experience, castile soap really needs to be diluted well in order to work on hair and skin. (A little goes a long way). Castile liquid soap alone inherently has a lot of oil in it and that ratio, plus the vitamin e and rosemary oils could be clogging up your scalp with too much oil which is why it’s your hair is falling out. (It’s trying to breathe!) Also aloe vera gel can be drying as well. I suggest that maybe after you see how things go with the castile/water mix you add in aloe vera juice instead. That’s all I can think of. Hope that all helps and makes sense.

  10. Sia

    Thanks 3:1 ratio water and castile soap is working little bit, but there is still slight hair fall. I have added 5 % of honey which improves the hair fall problem. But my shampoo is not thick, what should I add to increase viscosity . I have tried salt , but it neutralizes the shampoo to oil and water. Pls sugeest reciepe to increase viscosity and make hair silky and give good foam

  11. Savvy Brown Post author

    @Sia Good! It sounds like you’ve made progress. 🙂 The shampoo will not be thick. That’s on purpose. Most of the shampoos that you use that are thick and creamy get that way because of chemicals. This site is about using less chemicals and being more green and healthy and natural. I also wear my hair naturally curly/kinky. I cannot help you with “silky” straight styles, because I don’t wear my hair that way. Thanks for your comments!

  12. CB

    @Savvy. Well I tried the castile and I had the same problem with the dust. But it’s okay as a body wash, so it’s not all bad. (Strangely my pH strips show it as being pH7, which can’t be right, so I guess my strips are defective. I’ve put the write-up as my URL if you are interested in seeing my results.)

    So I’m back to using the lemon shower gel. The only thing that works for me now is to shampoo twice per wash and to do it really thoroughly, otherwise I get the greasy dust. I’m pretty sure that pre-bicarb I only shampoo’d once, without getting the greasy residue.

    I do use a vinegar rinse after every wash and always rinse thoroughly. I did also try doing a vinegar rinse both before and after, but it made no difference. I don’t know what the bicarb did that could cause me to still get effects a whole year later 🙁

    We don’t get Trader Joe’s over here. All the so-called “natural” haircare products I’ve seen here still have nasty stuff in it. The only exception is a brand called Mistry’s but they are soooooo expensive.

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