I ♥ Binder Clips

I love binder clips!  They’re cheap, come in all kinds of sizes. and can be used for EVERYTHING! I was just noticing the other day just how many ways we use them around the house. There are a million and one uses for these things, but here are 12 of my favorite…

  1. Holding snack bags closed
  2. holding the ends of my twists when I’m styling my hair
  3. Keeping a towel on my shoulders when I henna my hair
  4. Cord keeper
  5. Put at the end of the toothpaste tube so we get out every last drop
  6. Holding photos
  7. Hold hair accessories together when traveling
  8. Clothespin
  9. Keeping index cards organized
  10. DIY money clip
  11. Book mark
  12. Keeping my ID/Train pass handy

Lifehacker even showed a video of a guy who made an iPhone dock out of binder clips check it out…

  • How do you use binder clips?
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