Why I Do Not Comb My Coily Natural Hair Anymore

Natural hair can be difficult to detangle if you don’t do it properly. Which is why I made the decision to no longer comb my coily natural hair. It’s been months actually. Why? Well, it kind of happened by accident,  but the result is less breakage, and less shedding of my curly 4ABCDE hair.

So those of you who read this blog regularly know that at the end of last year, I had a bit of a health scare. As a result I was left with diminished use of my left hand for awhile. Sometimes I could grip things, sometimes it would just stop working altogether. Thankfully, through a bunch of rehab, my hand is back to normal now, but what happened in between is that many things in my day-to-day life had to change. Simple things, like peeling an orange, carrying hot coffee in a mug (that turned into an Olympic event), and yes, even detangling my natural hair became difficult, labor intensive tasks. (If you’ve seen my hair, trust me, it was pretty labor intensive before this). Even though I always combed through my crazy curly coily hair only when it was sopping wet while it was full of conditioner, my stamina would not outlast the detangling session.

So I stopped combing it.

But then I realized that while my hair was sopping wet, full of conditioner and sometimes a bit of oil, I could pull my fingers through it!


Savvy Brown, Natural Hair Tips

My New “Comb-Free” Natural Hair Regimen

  1. Deep condition (pre-poo)
  2. Wash hair in sections
  3. Rinse Shampoo
  4. One section at a time:
    • Add conditioner and a bit of coconut oil
    • Pull products through the section
    • Rinse the section
    • Two strand twist the section* (large twists, I don’t have all day!)
  5. Wrap it all up in a microfiber towel to get out the excess water
  6. Style (two-strand twist, twist n curl, bantu knot-out, bun, whatever)

*Twisting at the end keeps my hair from getting tangled before I get out of the shower.

Easy peasy.

  • How do you detangle your natural hair?
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8 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Comb My Coily Natural Hair Anymore

  1. Monice

    Funny. I don’t comb my hair, either. Haven’t in about….15 years. LOL! But that’s because I’ve worn my hair in locs since 1999, huh? LOL!

    I do agree with this not combing your hair thing, though. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been. Less breakage. Longer. And because my hair is constantly coiled, the texture of my hair is softer/less coarse.

    Who woulda figured? 🙂

  2. Savvy Brown Post author

    @Monice Thanks for commenting! I’ve seen your locks Monice, and your hair is well maintained, that’s why it looks so good! But honestly, the less you manipulate you hair, the happier it generally is. 🙂

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  4. Janiece

    do you finger comb your hair? or rake it? or do you mean to tell me you actually only pull the products through? if so, that would be AMAZING GOOD NEWS FOR ME! : )

  5. Savvy Brown Post author

    @Janiece Hi! Thanks for your comment. Both. While my hair is sopping wet, I pull the products through my hair with my hands, separating the strands as I go. Near the ends I rake it through with my fingers.

  6. Schaunte

    I don’t know…. I’ve tried the pull it through finger combing thing and it didn’t work for me.

  7. Ms Frassy

    I stopped combing mine too a few months back. I dont even use shampoo anymore, but I dont use a lot of products on my TWA either so I dont have to do anything more than co-wash (at least twice a week), deep condition (at least once a week) and finger comb. Rinse, add Shea Moisture JBCO leave in conditioner, wrap in jersey cotton, oil my scalp with coconut oil in an applicator bottle and put a little edge control on my edges and Im done! I keep the TWA in a nice shape (cut) so styling is minimal for me. Loving the simplicity of no more combs.

    My secret to make the curls pop is to close my fingers tight and pull them through all the way to the ends of my hair and give it kind of a snap as my fingers slide off the ends. I can feel the coils poppin all of the place when I get my fingers in there. My 4a coils have never looked more defined

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