My Dr. Bronner’s 30 Day Challenge

The #1 thing that has helped me save money in at home is multitasking products. Castile soap is one of those products. Castile soap is a gentle sulfate-free foaming soap made mostly with vegetable oils that was named after a region in Spain in which it was originally made. Castile soap is incredibly gentle, even for use on babies. One month I created a challenge at home: 30days of using Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint soap to see how many ways I could use it. I purchased a 1/2 gallon for $25 and this is how I used it:

1. Shampoo – I took an old narrow shampoo bottle, filled it halfway with Castile soap, and filled it the rest of the way with water. My came out clean and my scalp felt great!*

2. Body wash – When I’m done washing my hair I just keep going and use my castile/water mixture to wash up!

3. Hand Dish Detergent – When my bottle of Dawn was empty I filled that halfway with castile soap and the rest of the way with water and used that to hand wash the dishes. It worked great, if I needed more

5. Liquid Laundry Soap – check out My Homemade Laundry Detergent

6. Pre-soak – Squirt a little into a sink or container then fill with lukewarm water

7. Countertop cleaner – Mix 1/8 cup with 1 cup of alcohol and 2 cups of water to keep countertops nice and clean

8. Toothpaste – Believe it. I was on a trip and had forgotten to pack the toothpaste. I remembered that it could be used as a toothpaste too. So I squirted a little on my toothbrush, added water, and brushed away. It bubbled up a bit and tasted like, well kinda soapy peppermint. It really cleaned my teeth well though!

9. Shaving cream – My boyrfriends has used it to shave his face and head and I’ve used it shave, well everywhere else 😉

10. Foaming Face wash – 1 tsp poured into a warm wet washcloth takes off makeup and washes your face well

11. All Purpose Cleaner – 1/8 cup diluted with water in a large spray bottle cleaned everything from the bathroom counter to the fingerprints on the semigloss painted walls

12. Pet Shampoo -I’ve used a little on a damp washcloth to clean my cat’s paws when he gets in messes I don’t want him to eat. I don’t have a dog, but I heard it makes a great doggy bath!

13. Bubble Bath – I poured some into the running water of my tub with a few drops of lavender and relaxed into a nice bubble bath with TONS of bubbles!

14. Hand Soap – I filled the bottom of a soap dispenser and filled the rest with water and shook it and put it in my upstairs bathroom

15. Floor Cleaner – 1/4 cup castile soap + 2 gallons of water + mop = clean floors

16. Soft Scrub – By mistake I knocked half a jar of mineral powder into the sink, creating a muddy brown mess all over the porcelain. I sprinkled the whole sink with baking soda and squirted castile soap on top of that and rubbed the sink with a damp sponge. The sink was clean in minutes!

17. Car wash – I’ll admit I haven’t used it for this yet. But I’ve read you can mix it just like #16 and wash away!

18. Body Wash – I keep a bottle in the shower that is 50/50 soap and water

*Using castile soap as a shampoo doesn’t work for everyone. I think it works great. Especially when you’re in a pinch and you ran out of your regular shampoo or you’re low on cash.

  • How do you use castile soap? What’s your favorite scent?
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60 thoughts on “My Dr. Bronner’s 30 Day Challenge

  1. Peta

    This is Peta again. Other than what I have written in the previous comment I am keeping everyones ideas. They are all brilliant. I unfortunately live in Australia & am not sure if I can get Dr. Bronners here. I’ll see.

  2. Catherine D

    What’s cool is that Castile soap is the type of soap, and Dr Bronners is just the brand that is most popular for this type of soap. So if you can’t get dr bronners where you live(ex. Australia), you can probably find a different brand that will do the job.

  3. Savvy

    @Catherine D Yes and No. Dr. Bronner’s is popular because it’s guaranteed organic AND fair trade. There are many knockoff out there calling themselves castille soap that are actually mixed with sulfates. Please read labels and try to buy organic if you can. thanks for commenting!

  4. Robert

    Renee, see in “Older Comments” mine from November 23, 2010 at 11:21 AM, 2nd para. Most people trying to use castile, or any other real soap as bubble bath are disappointed.

    To see how much real soap you’d need to use in a bubble bath, take a large jar you can close tightly and put in a known amount of water in it. Alternate adding liquid soap and shaking the jar until you first see lasting suds. Then figure the volume of water you would fill your bathtub with as a multiple of the volume of water you put in the jar, and multiply the total amount of soap you used by that multiple. That’s how much soap you’d need to make lasting suds in that much bath water. So for instance if you bathe with 15 gallons (60 quarts) of water and you did this with 1 quart of water, you would multiply the amount of soap used to make lasting suds in the jar by 60.

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