My New Natural Poo Method

I’m excited about my new shampoo reggie because it’s saves money, product, water and detangling time! Of course it’s sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and cone-free. I was inspired by Naptural85 on YouTube and this video and adjusted it to work for me. I still haven’t tried the hair washing clay she’s using, but I’m itching to, (no pun intended) because it’s all natural!

My New Poo Method

What you’ll need:

  • 1 small or medium sized spray bottle
  • 1/8 cup of your favorite shampoo. (I use this kind )
  • Duckbill Clips

Hair in twists after DC


  • I separate my hair into about 8 sections and use my Olive Oil Pre- Poo Method
  • After deep conditioning I keep my hair in the twists
  • Then I pour the shampoo into the spray bottle and fill it to 1/2 inch under the rim with tap water.
  • I shake the bottle well so the shampoo becomes well diluted.
  • Putting the nozzle close to my head, I spray the poo mixture straight onto my scalp a few times, saturating the roots and rub it in with the pads of my fingers vigorously*.
  • I then loosen the twisted section I’m working on, spraying a small amount into the section, and pull the mixture through my hair with my fingers gently.
  • Then I loosely retwist that section and move on to the next one. (It takes about 10 minutes to complete my whole head)

washing my scalp

  • Then I get in the shower and untwist and rinse the first section.
  • I replace the shampoo in that section with a glob of my favorite conditioner and use my shower comb to detangle the section. (Which happens really easily since my hair was prepped before I got in the shower).
  • I move on to the next section until my whole head is washed, conditioned and detangled.
  • I then take care of the rest of my shower business and end by rinsing all of the conditioner at the end.**

*Note: I personally feel that shampoo is for cleaning/maintaining your scalp, and conditioner is for cleaning/maintaining your hair. That’s why unless I’ve had some really icky product in my hair, I basically concentrate on my scalp when washing my hair.

**Note: Many times a conditioner doesn’t get a chance to work as well as it should, because we don’t give it a chance. We rinse it out too quickly. I let mine sit for a couple of minutes and it really has made a difference.

I’ve been doing this routine for a few months now, and Steps 2-11 take me about 25 minutes, tops!

      • What tricks do you use to wash your thick and curly hair?
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10 thoughts on “My New Natural Poo Method

  1. Brown Babe

    I use a diluted shampoo in an applicator bottle – concentrating on the scalp as well. The spray method sounds intriguing…but as anyone who has been the recipient of my hair care knows – Im a reckless sprayer so I’m not sure that would be in my best interest :o)

  2. chicagocurly

    A very similar process actually. I apply olive & conditioner to dry, sectioned hair, wrap in a plastic cap and a towel for an hour, then detangle an twist before jumping into the shower. Once in the shower I use an applicator bottle with diluted shampoo to get into each twist. This routine has dramatically cut down on my weekly shampoo routine.

    Re: the mud wash, I’ve been wanting to try it since forever, but because I have color in my hair, wasn’t really feeling the disclaimer on the Terressentials website. 🙂 Check out Root4U45 on YT; she has a homemade version, three actually, that want I’d like to attempt. Sadly I found her channel after I’d already placed an order with Mountain Rose Herbs. 🙁

  3. STAR

    Great sight, it is really informative and gives me so many ideas on how to deal with my daughters natural hair. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. mangomadness

    @Brown Babe: I use the applicator bottle method to shampoo too. It would very well to get my scalp clean without wasting product or drying my hair out.

  5. Natural Kesha

    This is such a great idea. I’m gonna try this for my next washing session 🙂

  6. mamakilya

    Try the mud shampoo! I like both, but I’m leaning toward the lemon one I think.. It seems more clarifying than the lavender.

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  8. Shanta'

    I do so love this. In my natural journey to keep moisture in my hair at all times I will try many things. This one I have found to be wonderful. Thank you so much. It is now part of my hair regime.

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