My Night time Skin Reggie and DIY Eye Serum

My Night time Skin Reggie and DIY Eye Serum are what I credit with keeping my skin soft and relatively blemish-free for a couple of years now. At night I don’t wash my face. Not with soap anyway. What I do is the Oil Cleansing Method. I learned about OCM from Frizzcurls over at Now before you say “I can’t use oil on my face”. Read her story. She suffered from acne for YEARS and this was the ONLY thing that worked. You know the saying “fight fire with fire”? Well, in this case, you’re fighting oil with oil. Castor Oil has different properties than other oils and in fact, if you use too much, your skin will get dry!

My Nightly Oil Cleansing Method Routine:


  • clear castor oil
  • first cold pressed olive oil
  • hot tap water

Directions: I have a little dark jar filled 1/4 of the way with castor oil, and the rest with olive oil. I shake it before each use. I pour a nickel-sized amount of oil in my had and proceed to gently massage the oil all over my face and neck. I usually need to do this twice so that it’s nice and thick. Then I run the hot water over a washcloth (as hot as I can stand it), then I hold the hot washcloth about and inch from my face and let the steam hit me. Then I put the whole thing on my face and let the heat work its magic. After about 15-20 secs the washcloth has cooled and I use it to wipe off any and all traces of makeup, or, if I’m not wearing makeup I just wipe my face and neck down completely.Some people use more castor oil and some people use more olive oil, and some folks even add sunflower seed oil, click here to figure out which is best for you.

DIY Eye Serum 

I mentioned in my post about My Morning Skin Routine how much I love rosehip oil, and this is why.


  • Organic rosehip oil
  • Organic Vitamin e oil or Vitamin E capsules

Directions: I take 1 drop of vitamin e oil and 1 drop of rosehip oil in my hand and then using my finger I dab it gently all around my eyes. This has noticeably softened the little lines that had started to form around my eyes. That’s it! I should stress that I didn’t have stellar results with this routine until I did it regulary and followed it up with My Morning Routine. (It’s important to wash any traces of oil off your face in the AM). And for those of you wondering, I have crazy combination skin, the dry patches peel, and the oily parts shine like cellophane. This routine in combination with my morning routine have really made a difference.

  • What’s your nightly skin reggie?

To learn more about OCM and to see if will work for you check out these links:

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24 thoughts on “My Night time Skin Reggie and DIY Eye Serum

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  2. Sereetta

    Hey Savvy,

    So you do the OCM every night? When you first began the method did you notice that more pimples popped up or did they slowly go away?


  3. Savvy

    Hi Sereeta! Yes, I do this every night. I did see a few pimples pop up at first, but I realized that I wasn’t properly washing my face in the morning. Once I did that, everything smoothed out nicely.

  4. Nola2London

    Hi Savvy, Where do you buy your oils from? I live in London and I’m trying to find somewhere to buy the oils you listed from 🙂 Thanks !

  5. Nola2london

    Hi Savvy, I’m interested in trying this method ! Can you tell me where you buy your products? I live in London and i have a hard time knowing where to look for my products.

  6. Savvy

    Hi Nola! You can purchase everything I mentioned for my skincare routines (except for the olive oil) at the Savvy Shop under “Skincare”. The olie oil you can get at your local store. The Shop also has essential oils and other items.

  7. Savvy

    Hi Nola! You can purchase everything I mentioned for my skincare routines (except for the olive oil) at the Savvy Shop under “Skincare”. The olive oil you can get at your local store. The Shop also has essential oils and other items.

  8. Dalia

    I’ve been looking for eye creams to battle my rapidly developing wrinkles. The eye serum sounds very promising.

  9. SisterBoyd

    I love this method! I use more castor oil with olive oil. Also, I add a few drops of neem.

  10. SunCearRaye

    I just started making my own eye gel also. I had to do something about those lines as well- I’m also 38. 😉 I like the idea of the hot towel. gonna try that.

  11. sabrina

    Hi Savvy! Thanks so much for this valuable info my face just depress me sometimes. It clears up but i have deep pores on my cheeks then when there are no bumps or blackheads my face looks very rough and ashy around my mouth and chin area. So i’m sure the oils will help. I will follow the directions right i printed them out so i wont forget. Once again thank you!

  12. mangomadness

    I wash my face with ABS, moisturize with my shea butter/aloe vera gel/honey mix and apply honey as an overnight spot treatment.

  13. Jackie

    I use 1 part castor oil and 3 parts coconut oil I found them at walmart. I also tried mixing 1 part facial cleanser with water and 3 parts olive oil when I didn’t have castor oil and it broke me out. I don’t think it was from the soapy water because I started putting olive oil on my body but a few days later I got itchy bumps all over me so I started using coconut oil instead and I haven’t had any problems.

  14. Savvy

    @Jackie It sounds like you have a castor oil allergy, OR castor oil is drying out your skin. You may need to try the method with just olive oil. OR just stick with the coconut if it’s working for you. thanks for commenting!

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  16. DD

    Can I do this twice a day or just once? Once I get all of my ingredients, I will try the morning cleansing method you have! I tried the OCM last night and my skin has definitely cleared up! Thanks and keep providing the useful info.

  17. Savvy

    @DD Glad to help! And thanks for sharing! I would do this routine once a day to see how your skin feels, and then if you feel you can do it twice a day great. (I tend to like my oils at night.) Good luck!

  18. Shannon

    Hi savvy- just found your blog and I’m loving your tips! I did have one question- do you moisturizer after using the oil method? I typically do at night but I wasn’t sure if it was needed with the oil.


  19. Savvy

    @Shannon Thank you and welcome! Well, everyone is different. In the summer my combo skin doesn’t always need re-moisturizing after an Oil Cleanse. But now that it’s cooler, my skin needs it. So after I get all of the oil off, I will moisturize. (also, check out this updated post I did about OCM)

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