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February is No Buy Month at Savvy Brown

No Buy Month is an annual event here at Savvy Brown. It’s sort of a reset button for your finances, another chance to gain control and a truth serum for spending. What is No buy Month? In a nutshell, for the entire month of February you put yourself on a financial diet and only spend money on necessities. What constitutes a necessity? Check out the following list:


Savvy Brown No Buy Month Frugal Living Tips

Wait! Before you freak out remember you cannot SPEND money on those things. You can, however, use a gift card, barter or exchange goods and services for the above items.

Why Should You Participate in No Buy Month?

What participating in No Buy Month has done for me is to show me what it is that I need and don’t need. I own WAY more things than I use and very February I usually end up actually making money by selling items that I don’t need. I’ve gotten free manicures, facials and even a full tank of gas once based on some frugal living tips. There’s no cost to participate and you will not only learn how to save money, but also how to make better daily choices that will help the environment as well! If you’ve participated before then you know how helpful the Facebook Group can be.

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Questions to Ask Before Making a Purchase During No Buy Month

“Do I really need this?”

“Will I use this more than once?”

“Can I make this?”

“Do I already HAVE this?” (that one is my favorite)

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 What Will You Learn During No Buy Month 2016?

Basic Budgeting

How to save money on groceries

Multitasking Your Products

Tips on selling Items online

DIY Beauty Tricks

DIY Cleaning Products

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Keep More of What You Earn

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One thought on “February is No Buy Month at Savvy Brown

  1. Carrie

    I honestly wish I could go on a strike with spending. I truly have a shopaholic mindset and it sucks!!! It doesn’t matter what it is.. I just have to go out and by something every single day. If I don’t, I fall into a mini depression of some sort.

    However, even though I do spend, I started the 52 week saving challenge the beginning of this year and it’s been going great. Even though all the times I’ve eaten out or gone to Victoria’s Secret, that could have went into my online savings account.

    I needed to see this post. Thank you.

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