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25 Other Uses for Coffee Filters That Are Really Helpful

In the No Buy Month Facebook Group, someone had a dilemma where they were frying food and were at a loss as to what they should use instead of paper towels to drain their food with. I suggested using coffee filters. Curious what else they could be used for I did a little research and voila! This list was born. (All of these are for the standard flared coffee filter variety unless otherwise stated). Continue reading

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A (Realistic) 10 Step Guide to Budgeting

I read something very interesting the other day about dieting. Apparently, people who track what they eat, lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Regardless of whether or not they make any changes to their diet or exercise more. Just the act of writing things down and keeping track of them makes people MORE MINDFUL.

The same goes for budgeting. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Debt Free Divas answers the question “Pay Debt or Build Savings First?”

This is the classic chicken or the egg problem. Pay Debt or Build Savings? Which should one to do first? As we take on the No Buy Month challenge and reflect on spending habits – let’s consider this question. If you are in debt with limited (or no) savings, should you focus on building your savings or use the extra funds to pay off debt faster?

Let me tell you what I did.
Continue reading

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Savvy’s Simple Salsa Black Bean Soup

This black bean soup is my go to meal during the winter and perfect for No Buy Month. I usually make it with dry beans that have been soaked overnight, (they’re cheaper) and then boiled until soft. If you want you can use canned beans, but beware of BPAs. If you use less water, it’s more like a stew and can be served over rice. Continue reading

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The “No Buy Month” Prep Guide

The first rule of No Buy Month is preparation and it’s actually not as difficult as it seems. Since No Buy Month starts next week, (it’s the whole month of February) I thought I’d collect some past no buy months posts to get help you get ready. You may need to buy a few things in order to make things work. If you’re at a loss how to get started consider this list your official No Buy Month Prep Guide! Continue reading

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Review of Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo Shampoo

There aren’t that many products on my “goto” list, but Amazing Botanicals is definitely on there. I’ve spoken before about their Aloe Mint Spray as well as their Pumpkin Pomade, but I had yet to try their shampoo. So here’s my review of Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo. Continue reading

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Savvy Brown No Buy Month Challenge 3.0

Every February for the past two years I’ve done something called “No Buy Month” on the blog and invited others to participate. The purpose of No Buy Month is to basically put you on a financial diet for a month. It’s a great way to learn how to save money if you’re not that disciplined at following a budget. I was inspired by Frugalista, and how she got herself out of debt. The rules of No Buy Month are pretty simple. Don’t buy anything that is not a necessity. That means you can only pay for groceries, bills, medication, kid’s stuff (school supplies, clothes) and transportation. (gas, subway or train passes, parking passes for work). The first reaction I usually get is “No way! I can’t do that!”. My response is. What if you had to? Well, that happened to me, just last year. Continue reading

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Overnight Crockpot Oatmeal

During the summer I was all about my Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal, but now that it’s cold. I love waking up in the morning to hot oatmeal. I adapted this recipe from The Fitchen. It makes the whole house smell like hot apple pie! Please note that this recipe is adapted for a slow cooker this size. If you’re making this for more than two people, you should double the recipe. Continue reading