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Review: Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap

I was in Whole Foods recently with a friend who was praising the Alaffia line of products. She had said that not only were the products quality, they were also sustainable and were serious about giving back to the communities that the ingredients are harvested from. I was sold. I decided to try the liquid black soap in Tangerine citrus. Continue reading

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DIY Citrus Salt Cleanser

Want to scrub your tub and sink really well without using chemicals? Head to the kitchen, the pantry and the fridge.  Not only will your bathroom smell awesome, this method is great for cleaning that ring around the tub and sink. Here’s what you’ll need… Continue reading

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Healthy Tea and Vinegar Hair Rinse

I’ve mentioned before how much I really like tea hair rinses, and how great they make my scalp feel.  I’ve also used an apple cider vinegar hair rinse to close up the hair cuticle, and help prevent split ends. So recently, I had the brilliant idea to combine both into one healthy hair rinse!

Continue reading

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DIY Protein Deep Conditioner

I have a confession to make. Between work, family, the house and the holidays, things have been kind of stressful lately and I haven’t been taking very good care of my hair. I hadn’t deep conditioned in ages, it was brittle, dry, generally unhappy and so I knew it was time for a protein treatment. I was at my mom’s this past weekend and I decided to do my Hair Guacamole treatment. One problem.

No avocados. Continue reading

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10 Simple & Green Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

Everyone wants to save on their home heating bills. But not everyone has the money to pay for expensive renovations or has the time to take on several DIY projects at once. Here are 10 cheap and simple ways to save on heating this winter, that may just tide you over until you can tackle some of those bigger projects. Continue reading

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7 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes

So, you’re invited to a Thanksgiving soiree at a friend’s house, but you’re a vegetarian and they’re not. What to do? Well, I don’t eat turkey either, but I don’t like stressing my meat-and-poultry-eating friends out by making things difficult. So, I usually bring a couple of side dishes of my own that will hold me till dessert.

Because that’s the only part of the meal that really counts anyway at holiday time right? Continue reading

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10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack When Traveling

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately for work and family and the one thing living out of suitcases teaches you is what you don’t need. After staying in a few hotels, friends houses and my folk’s place off and on over the past year I’ve got packing down to a science.The main thing I realized is that I was packing too much.


So this holiday season, if you’re headed out of town, here’s 10 things you don’t have to pack on unless you’re backpacking through the mountains. It’ll make your bags lighter, (and that’s money these days!), and your back straighter (the best part!) Continue reading


Care&s Laundry Tablets Review

When I attended the NY GreenFest this summer, I ran into quite a few vendors with products that I thought were pretty interesting. I even mentioned a few of them in this post. Well one of those vendors was Christina Anderson and her eco-friendly laundry product Care&s. What makes this product so unique is that it comes in the form of tablets. 1 tablet cleans one  load of laundry, and contains no sulfates, harmful surfactants, phosphates, perfume, optical brightener or bleach. It’s 100% biodegradable and cleans well at low temperatures. She even claims that the product is harmless to injest! (I.did.not.try.this.)  Here is my review of the Care&s Laundry Tablets. Continue reading

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

I don’t wear a TON of makeup, but I do like to wear gel eyeliner (the kind you apply with a brush) everyday, along with a finishing powder and I tend to think my lipstick stays on longer when I apply it with a brush. When I’m going out I will occassionally use a foundation brush as well.  It’s really important to keep those brushes clean! So here’s my simple recipe for how I clean my makeup brushes. Continue reading