Review: Paper Pellet Cat Litter From Planet PetCo

After finding out how toxic most cat litter is to cats, I have been trying for years, (YEARS, do you hear me?) to find a green cat litter that my cats would actually use. My youngest cat will basically go in any container you put him in, he’s not really picky. But my oldest cat, (he’s 12), liked his Fresh Step and wasn’t leaving it without staging a formal protest. (Meaning, strategically placed poop all over the house). I’ve tried just about every “eco-friendly” litter on the market.


In a last ditch effort to try to “green up” the litter box, I tried something new I found at PetCo. Paper Cat Litter. To be honest, I was skeptical, since the last paper litter I tried, (Yesterday’s Mews) provided no odor coverage at all and stunk up the whole house.

planet petco2_framePlanet PetCo Paper Pellet Cat Litter ($9.99)

Here’s what’s in it…

“Petco Paper Pellet Cat Litter is made with 95% or more post-consumer paper, newspaper and magazines. It is also biodegradable and can be used for landscape mulch, compost, weed blocker or incinerated if not soiled. Litter is made from specially processed recycled paper fibers that have added odor control agents. Paper Pellet Litter is so absorbent that they do not break apart or cake to the bottom of the litter pan when wet. This leaves a much healthier environment for your cats and clean-up is much easier. Safe for both cats and kittens.” (from PetCo website)

The cat’s use it.

There is little to no odor.

The cats are happy.

I am happy.

Order has been restored.


Also, if your cats are declawed, (mine aren’t) they need something soft that doesn’t irritate their sensitive paws. This stuff is recommended for them as well! Remember, to introduce a new litter, slowly mix in the new litter and reduce the old over about a period of two weeks.  Every couple of days, I scoop out the poop and add a little more to cover the box, and then at the end of the week I dump the whole box and start over. This product, (unused) is also good for compost bins. I haven’t tried that yet, but now that its warming up, I’m going to add a scoop of unused litter straight from the bag into the compost bin to see if it makes a difference.

RATING: 5 Savvy!* – Great product, great ingredients, great price, multi-use!

(*Savvy Ratings: 5=Savvy 4=Smart 3=Suitable 2=Satisfactory 1=Stupid)

You can buy this product at PetCo or online you can find it here.

Here’s one of my critters…he’s hiding.


He’s not very good at it.

  • What green cat litter are you using?
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2 thoughts on “Review: Paper Pellet Cat Litter From Planet PetCo

  1. Jonelle

    I just bought this litter for my cats because I was tired of the scoopable litter being tracked all over my apartment. However, I’m confused as to how to clean the box. Do I just scoop out the poo? Or do I also look and scoop out the wet spots of urine? I think right now it’s confusing because I have this litter mixed in with out old litter so our cats can get used to the new stuff, so it look like the pellets aren’t being touched.
    I’m only asking because I’m reading conflicting ways on how to clean with pellet litter – some say just clean out the poo, sift box and leave the pee. Others are saying the pellets clump around the urine, others are saying it doesn’t clump, but absorbs the urine. I’d ask, but their site isn’t allowing me to ask a question. Also, did you buy a special scooper? Mine seems to not only collect the waste, but untouched pellets.


  2. Savvy

    @Jonelle Hi there! I scoop out the poop every day or every other day. The pellets will disintegrate with the urine and sift to the bottom of the box. The pellets don’t really clump around the urine, but they do react kind of like wet paper before they disintegrate. (The scooper I have was fine, although sometimes I do get some of the pellets too). If you’re looking for one with larger slats, PEtCo does sell one like this.

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