Simple DIY Hardwood Floor Polish

I’ve been cleaning my poly-coated hardwood floors with vinegar for a while now, which does get them clean, BUT they weren’t being left as shiny as I would like. I accidentally spilled some of my Homemade Furniture Spray on the floor, and well, this happened. 😉

Floor polish collage comp

Pour all of your ingredients into a glass spray bottle, (because oil tends to go rancid faster in metal or plastic containers). Shake well and spray on the area of hardwood floor that you wish to polish. Then mop the floor in sections with a microfiber mop or a microfiber cloth over a Swiffer mop. Shake before each use.

This formula cleans a bit as well because of the vinegar, but I like cleaning with straight vinegar first, letting the floor dry and then following with this application. I also LOVE the smell of lemongrass essential oil,  so I usually use about 20 drops of that but I also use the lemon essential oil, so the remaining 10 drops go to that scent. (I heard that real wood likes a bit of citrus). But this is not the only combination out there. Check out the list below for some other sweet smelling ideas:

essential oil combos_final

UPDATE: I want to reiterate that this is a polish NOT a cleaner. You would do this after your floors have been washed. the floors should be dry. Also, a little goes a long way. DO NOT POUR THIS ON YOUR FLOORS! If you spray a little at a time and rub it in with a cloth or a microfiber mop,with a clean head, then it will work well. Also, my floors are original oak with several coats of polyurethane on top. I have never used this on engineered wood floors. Also, I only use this polish about once a month to prevent buildup. I would TEST A SECTION first, to see if it works for you. 


    • How do you polish your hardwood floors?
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9 thoughts on “Simple DIY Hardwood Floor Polish

  1. Felisha

    My last roommate used swiffer wet cloths on our wood laminate floors and they always looked all dried up and streaky afterwards. This is good to know for when I have wood floors again! Thanks

  2. Savvy

    @Felisha Yep. I’ve heard that before. You can clean laminate floors with just 2 cups of Vinegar and a tablespoon of castile soap mixed with a gallon of water. But it won’t get your floors to shine, it’ll just clean them. The above recipe helps me clean and polish in a hurry. 🙂

  3. James

    Thanks for the tips I’m going to try this on my hardwood soon. Also, I have to mention that when clean hardwood you really don’t want to use very much water because it can damage the floor. It also helps to have a good layer of polyurethane to protect the wood and give good shine.

  4. Vanessa Cebula

    I’ve Read On Other Sites The ratio Is 1/2 CupVinegar To 1 Gallon Of Water….Is YouR Ratio Safe?

  5. Savvy

    @Vannessa Hi! Your ratio is right, if you’re washing your floor. This recipe is to polish them. I’ve never had a problem with it, but do realize that it’s also being mixed with 1/2 c. olive oil. You are also using less of this mixture (just a few pumps from a spray bottle) every few feet as opposed to the amount of vinegar you would use if you were washing. I hope this was helpful! Make a small bath, try it out in a 1×1 foot area, and let me know how it goes!

  6. Vanessa Cebula


  7. Savvy

    @Vanessa Cleaning your floor with this stuff is like polishing your dining room table. A little goes a long way. Too much and it’ll be too slippery! Shake the bottle as you go and you should be able to walk on the floor about 15minutes after your done. Good luck!

  8. glenda

    I will be using this formula this week or weekend to do my floors ..i use it a few years ago but had forgotten about it. ..thanks

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