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A (Realistic) 10 Step Guide to Budgeting

I read something very interesting the other day about dieting. Apparently, people who track what they eat, lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Regardless of whether or not they make any changes to their diet or exercise more. Just the act of writing things down and keeping track of them makes people MORE MINDFUL.

The same goes for budgeting. Continue reading

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Savvy Brown No Buy Month Challenge 3.0

Every February for the past two years I’ve done something called “No Buy Month” on the blog and invited others to participate. The purpose of No Buy Month is to basically put you on a financial diet for a month. It’s a great way to learn how to save money if you’re not that disciplined at following a budget. I was inspired by Frugalista, and how she got herself out of debt. The rules of No Buy Month are pretty simple. Don’t buy anything that is not a necessity. That means you can only pay for groceries, bills, medication, kid’s stuff (school supplies, clothes) and transportation. (gas, subway or train passes, parking passes for work). The first reaction I usually get is “No way! I can’t do that!”. My response is. What if you had to? Well, that happened to me, just last year. Continue reading


Get Ready for The Next “No Buy Month”!

It’s that time of year again! February is almost here, No Buy Month is back and we have a week to prepare! The point of No Buy Month is to put you on a bit of a financial diet and to show you how to reign in your spending. Is it challenging? Yes. Impossible? Nope. The rules are simple… Continue reading


DIY Dish Drainer

I love finding new uses for things I already have!

I’m lucky enough to live in New York and have a sizeable kitchen, (no closet space though, I guess you can’t have everything right?), with a double sink to boot. So usually whatever is not going into the dishwasher gets washed and drained on the other side of the sink. But sometimes there are things that don’t fit, or I’m too tired to dry them, or they’re too fragile, or well, we’re being just plain lazy. That’s when I came up with the brilliant idea of using a pan and a cookie rack as a dishdrainer. It’s easy.

Just place a “10 x 15″ cooling rack inside of a 17″ x1 2” baking sheet like this, and voila!

Your glasses, bowls, bottles and jars all drain quite nicely.)

  • What are some of your kitchen DIY ideas?