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10 Green Products to Buy If You Don’t DIY: Home Edition

I am a fan of making my own cleaning products because I feel it’s cheaper and cleaner for me to do so. I’ve also been doing it long enough that it doesn’t take me long to make a batch of laundry detergent or whip up some homemade body scrub. However, I realize that not everyone out there feels the same way.

In fact a good friend of mine is a fan of green living but not a fan of the DIY portion of the program and she often asks me what products that she should buy that are safe, healthy or at least eco-friendly, so I decided to make up this list of 10 Green Products to Try If You Don’t DIY. It’s made up of products that I have used myself (Yes, sometimes I do actually buy products), or that friends have told me that they use. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of green products to use to clean your home, this list* is for you:

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Eco-Friendly Watches from Eco Wrist!

Eco Wrist is a company that makes eco-friendly, sustainable wrist wear for men and women. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners (and husband and wife) David Gandy and MarQuerite Hamden at a street fair here in Brooklyn last month, where Sexy and I bought our new watches! (Check them out below.)

Here’s the scoop.

All of their watches are derived from all-natural sustainable materials. The material include bamboo, tagua nuts, acheera seeds, coconut, wood, cow’s leather and reed. Other woods used are teak, brittlebush, granadilla tree wood and macana tree wood. The majority of the materials used to make the timepieces are from South American farms, and are harvested in a sustainable manner. The wristbands are made of leather local to the Amazon region. They even created a unique way of securing the watch to your wrist eliminating the need for metal clasps, using less materials as well. Continue reading