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diy ice pack_savvy brown

Quick tip: DIY Ice Packs

Make your own ice packs from sponges and ziploc bags. Just soak the sponges in water, squeeze out the excess place in bags and freeze over night. Then toss them in your lunch bag to keep snacks cool! This is also great if you don’t have enough ice trays and need to keep drinks cool or if you went too hard at the gym and need to ice your knee. 🙂


Upcycle, Repurpose and Reimagine With Kuttlefish

I grew up watching my Bermudian mother and cousins repurpose old items for new ones and use everything from napkins to tea bags more than once. Rainwater was collected in wells for tapwater, glass and shells were used as tile in walls and sand from the beach was rubbed into our skin as an exfoliant. No one thought it was “green” or “eco-friendly” it’s just what you did. Any other way of operating was considered “wasteful”. Well, that same sentiment is what prompted the creators of Kuttlefish to start their company. Kuttlefish is a community and marketplace where buyers meet sellers to exchange goods made with reused, recycled, upcycled content and found objects. Continue reading

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Quick Tip: 5 Minute DIY Upcycled Pet Bed

I came up with this 5 minute diy upcycled pet bed because I refuse to pay a lot of money on pet supplies or toys. Not only do my 2 cats tear them up. THEY DON’T CARE. They would be just as happy playing with the box that something came in that the toy itself.So here’s what happened when I went I found a basket at a garage sale for $1 and paired it with an IKEA “TOFTBO” bathmat. Continue reading

Other Uses for Coffee Filters, savvy brown

25 Other Uses for Coffee Filters That Are Really Helpful

In the No Buy Month Facebook Group, someone had a dilemma where they were frying food and were at a loss as to what they should use instead of paper towels to drain their food with. I suggested using coffee filters. Curious what else they could be used for I did a little research and voila! This list was born. (All of these are for the standard flared coffee filter variety unless otherwise stated). Continue reading