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Upcycle Digest #6

I’m kind of addicted to “bling” right now as I noticed putting together this post! LOL. Here’s the latest installment of the Upcycle Digest. Enjoy folks!



1. Chandelier Necklace – This necklace is made from pieces of a chandelier. check out they did it here.

2. Button Bracelet – Mismatched buttons get a new life with this DIY bracelet. Learn how to make your own here.

3. Statement Necklace – Start with a pretty vintage brooch and gor from there! See how it’s done here.

4. Vintage Brooch Ribbon Necklace – Here’s another statement necklace from Martha Stewart. See how the DIY maven did it here.




1.  DIY Gold-Tipped Flats – Love that cap toe look? Don’t have the $250 to drop on some Kate Spade’s? Then you need to do this.

2. Studded Converse – I think this trend is adorable. But it’s a trend. So, do it yourself! This pic is from this Etsy shop. Learn how to make a similar pair on your own here.

3. DIY Bubble Pumps – This trend is huge this Spring. Figure out how to make your own bubble heels here.

4. Vintage Earring Shoe Clips – Dress up a pair of flats or pointy-toe pumps by making your own shoe clips! Find out how to make them yourself here.





1. Upcycled Pallet Hat Rack – This colorful hat rack would look adorable by the front door, or even in a child’s bedroom! Learn how to do it here.

2. DIY Padded Stools – These wooden stools got a new lease on life when they were padded and covered in fabric. See how they did it here.

3. Paint Swatch Chandelier – You know those paint swatches you get at the hardware store for FREE? Yeah well, one blogger figured out how to make a chandelier out of ’em. See how she pulled it off here.

4. Gold Dipped Wine Glasses – A little gold paint goes a long way here to bring new life to these champagne flutes. Find out they did it here.


 More bling!


I almost forgot this one! (Sorry for those of you who have been looking for it on Instagram). These beautiful jewel-encrusted heels were re-interpreted by a DIY maven here.

Have an upcycle or re-purpose idea to share? Email me at savvy@savvybrown.com, or share it on Facebook or Instagram with me!

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