Upcycle Ideas Digest #4

Hi folks, here’s last week’s post for you. It’s late because Beyoncé caused a snowstorm in New York. (I’m gonna blame everything on that girl for as long as I can). LOL! Enjoy!


decorate comp


1. Upcycled Sweater Pillow -No knitting required! This Cute pillow was made from an old sweater. Find out more about this project here.

2. Half Side Table – One table, cut in half and then turned into two side tables. Cute functional and cheap! Check out how to do it here.

3. Upcycled Greeting Card Ornaments – This is a great way to upcycle those cards that you just can’t seem to part with! Find out how to do this project here.



entertain comp


1. Upcycled Trunk MiniBar – A great use of space as well as a nifty conversation piece1 Check out how to do this project here.

2. Recycled Record Cupcake Stand – Yes, those are records that those cupcakes are sitting on. This one is available here. Or you can learn how to do this project yourself here.

3. Picture frame Tray – Frame fabric or decorative paper, add a cabinet handle and voila! Instant tray. See how they did it here.




organize comp


1. Soda bottle Jewelry Organizer – These are the bottoms of Mountain Dew bottles that have been repurposed to hold jewelry. Check out how this blogger did it here.

2. Drawer Bulletein Board – This is a great idea for drawers that have been removed from a dresser that is no longer in use, or if you’re redoing your kitchen and have salvaged some of your cabinet drawers. Find out to do it here.

3. Chair Hall Closet – THIS is so simple it’s ingenious! Folding chairs hung on the call in a group are repurposed into a mini coat room where ever they are hung. Brilliant! See more ideas here.




DIY Swiffer Dusters – This technically isn’t upcycled, but the handles are recycled Swiffer duster handles.  MAking your own will save you TONS of money! Learn how she did it here.

As always, keep your eye out this week for anything upcycle worthy and let me know! Don’t forget about “No Buy Month” this month! See you on the interwebs! *waves*



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2 thoughts on “Upcycle Ideas Digest #4

  1. ecokaren

    I don’t care what they say but I think Beyonce caused the blackout at the Super Bowl so yea, we can blame her for channeling Nemo to visit NY too. Heck, she’s prolly responsible for half the global warming the way she ‘wastes’ resources. (Ouch, that one hurt.)

    So onward, upcycling soldiers….we have to take up the slack for Beyonce!

    P.S. Love the sweater pillow and the LP cupcake stand!

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