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Upcycle Ideas Digest #5

Hey folks. I took a break from the digest for a minute, but I’m back with some really cool upcycle and repurpose ideas I’ve found. Hope you like!

Bling comp


1. DIY Bracelet –  This bracelet is made from embroidery thread and ring pendants.Learn how to make one yourself here.

2. Tin Can Earrings – An aluminum can found new life as this cute pair of earrings. Check out how she did it here.

3. Earring Necklace – This necklace was inspired from one from Anthropologie and is made from a few earrings as well. Find out how they did it here.


Decor comp


1. Floral Wall Art – This  floral art piece is made from cardboard toilet paper rolls. Check out the instructions here.

2. Decoupaged Wine Bottle – Check out this upcycled Wine bottle on Etsy. Learn how to do it yourself here.

3. Wheel Clock – Find a new use for that bicycle rim by turning it into a clock. See how it’s done here.

tops comp


1. Shirt Pillows – These pillows are covered with upcycled men’s shirts and are easy to make. Check out how to make them here.

2. T-Shirt Shrug –  Don’t throw away that t-shirt that is too small.  Turn it into a shrug instead. See how to do it here.

3. Sweater Tote – This nifty tote is made from a used sweater. Learn how to do it here.



home tips comp


1. Recycled Cork Trivet – This is a great idea that doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen at all. See how’s it’s done here.

2. Solar Outdoor Chandelier – Swap out chandelier bulbs for solar powered ones, and voila! Instant outdoor chandelier for those classy garden parties you’ve been meaning to have. Learn how to do your own here.

3. Simple Quilt Storage – This is a great idea for those bulky blankets that take up all of that space in drawers and closets. See how they did it here.


•Thanks for being patient! Let me know if you see any new and fun upcycle or repurpose ideas!

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