Using Bentonite Clay as a Deep Conditioner

If you’ve been following this blog and the savvybrownblog twitter page then you’ve heard me talk about the many uses for Bentonite Clay. One of my favorite uses for it is as a Deep Conditioner for my hair. Bentonite clay can remove buildup without stripping hair of its moisture making the hair really soft and easier to detangle. It can also bring out curls if any, and add sheen. It is sometimes mixed with another ingredient like marshmallow root powder, coconut milk, yogurt or just water. I like mixing mine with Apple Cider Vinegar. Although I have some coconut milk left over and I think I’ll try that this weekend! Aztec Secret is a popular brand, and it’s available in the Savvy Shop!

Here’s what I did:

Bentonite Clay Deep Conditioner


  • 6 tbsps Bentonite clay
  • 2 tbsps + 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (I use the real kind with the apple bits floating around)creamy and smooth


Mix the clay and vinegar until it’s the consistency of yogurt. You can add more vinegar if you need to. Apply all over making sure to cover hair and scalp thoroughly. Leave in for 30 mins. Do NOT let the clay dry. This is not a treatment that you want to leave on over night. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, and then again with 1 cup of ACV. That’s it!  Apply your leave-in conditioner and style as usual. My hair is so soft after a Bentonite Clay treatment and I get great twistout results!

Bentonite Clay Application

After Bentonite Clay

  • Do you use Bentonite Clay in your hair? What do you mix it with?
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47 thoughts on “Using Bentonite Clay as a Deep Conditioner

  1. SisterBoyd

    I love Bentonite Clay (BC)! I’ve done the treatment twice. The first time I didn’t deep condition afterwards and I experienced some dryness, but the results were so wonderful that I did the treatment again. The second I did deep condition and it was more wonderful than the first. Both times I my hair was super shiny, soft, dense/thick, well defined curls, and clean.

    I’ve used ACV, coconut milk, distilled water, honey, yogurt, and olive and castor oils. I didn’t use them all at the same time. The coconut milk was very moisturizing, but I still needed to deep condition afterwards.

    After both treatments I saw the results for at least a month after the treatment.

    I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone, but I would strongly suggest that they do a super moisturizing deep conditioner.

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  3. zainab amatullaah

    I looooove bentonite clay, it’s one of my favorite’s to use on my hair. I have actually tried it both ways once with water & and another time mixed it with coconut milk. I really liked it with the coconut milk , better.
    I also add oil & honey to my mix. I love it, love it, love it. And , you know I also use it weekly on my face as a facial treatment, mixed with a bit of water only, this works great on my face as well. Take care.

  4. SisterBoyd

    I’ve used it on my face, body, and feet after I give myself a pedi. It works great everywhere!

  5. Tracey

    mmmmm after reading many reviews – I’m gonna look into purchasing this to get rid of acne! Thanks, Savvy 🙂

  6. Hamptonsfnst

    Hi Savvy,

    Thought I would stop by and say hola because I haven’t seen you logged on at lately. I’m definitely going to try this clay. CurlyChronicles says it’s more like a clarifier than a moisturizing treatment like cassia but I’m going to try it with some leftover buttermilk and may even try it to clear up these breakouts on my forehead. Hope it helps.

  7. Savvy

    @Hamptonsfnst Hey gurl! I miss you guys, I’ll be back over on CN forums soon. I’ve just been crazy busy! Please let me know how the buttermilk turns out. I never thought of that. SisterBoyd suggested that I use coconut milk so I tried it with ACV and jojoba oil this past weekend and it turned out great! I didn’t need to condition again after!

  8. SisterBoyd

    Yeah I agree buttermilk sounds interesting…with honey…I’m thinking of my next treatment 😉

  9. Hamptonsfnst

    I’m going to try this treatment sometime this weekend or whenever I get to the health food store to get the clay. Washing my hair is such a chore (2 hours) but I get it done. Can I get the clay from a health food store? You know I live in the boonies Savvy. LOL

  10. Savvy

    LOL! Yes, you should be able to get it from Vitamin Shoppe , or a local health food store. I’ve also seen it at Whole Foods/Whole Body. Also check your local Indian store (f you have one). If you still can’t find it, you can always order it from the Savvy Shop!

  11. Savvy

    Sure! But you can also use Bentonite Clay for so many things! I use it as a face mask, to put on pimples, and even as an internal cleanser. (There’ll be a post coming up about that soon).

  12. Sweetdrk1

    I keep hearing about this but wasn’t sure WHY I should use it. This clears up my question. Thanks!

  13. ansley alana

    hey! I just use bentonite clay on my scalp and not so much my hair. I will try this soon


  14. Tracey

    Girl, I jst got some clay and have used it as a mask TWICE! It’s amazing and I could feel it working! I used the appe cider vinegar w/ it.
    I have yet to try it on my hair, but has anyone used it on hair that has a temporary colour in it? Will it fade?

  15. Savvy

    @Tracey isn’t it amazing? I add a little peppermint oil and lavender oil to mine for facials. I don’t have temp haircolor, but I use henna and it didn’t effect my color at all. (Although my color is subtle)

  16. SisterBoyd

    Tracey, I have a cellophane in my hair and I do a bentonitce clay on my hair every other month. It doesn’t affect my color. I do my cellophane the alternating months.

  17. Tracey

    Thanks for the info, Sister Boyd. Maybe I’ll do that as well.
    I’m also taking a form Bentonite Clay (a diff product, not the one I use on my skin) as an internal cleanser – amazing! I was starting to get a rash on my legs when I ate anything with yeast, gluten and soy sauce, I think that after years of eating bread/baked goods now and then, I may have now become allergic….not too good for that Friday glass of wine…..In any case, I have started a detox w/ certain fruit and veggies as well as the clay…no rash and I don’t feel tired or irratable from just eating plants. (I honestly am thinking about becoming a vegetarian….) This stuff does not disappoint …wow!

  18. Tracey

    Hi again,
    Savvy, I actually purchased Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant and #9 Intestinal Cleanser (to be used together) for the internal treatment from a health food store. You take the stuff before you eat breakfast and at the end of the day – it really does ‘clean you out’!
    After a few dinner dates where I didn’t eat badly, but I ate bread and had a glass of wine, my stomach felt heavy the next day and developed a rash on my legs. I am sure that I have a yeast, gluten allergy 🙁
    I did detoxed for a week – I have now decided to become vegetarian. I feel much better.
    Needless to say, I have NOT broken out for 10 days 🙂 and the marks are slowly fading. I tone with witchhazel and moisturise w/ aloe.
    Thanks so much for sharing! 😀
    I love this stuff!

  19. Oju

    As a cosmetologist I must advise you to do a final rinse with just water after rinsing with ACV.

    That said, has anyone had any success using coconut milk as a conditioner for the hair? If so, what is your recipe? Im wondering if it the bentonite clay will thicken it up any.

    (hint hint: enter me in the Bee Mine Giveaway)

  20. SisterBoyd

    Of course yu have to do a serious rinse with this clay. I do a cowash and and rinse again…then I do a deep conditioner and rinse again.

    I’ve used coconut milk in my clay and my hair was super moisturized. You can just add it it any recipe that you come up with with or use the examples given here.

  21. SisterBoyd

    Detox, I cellophane my hair faithfully every other month and the following month I use bentonite clay to clarify. My color is fine. I think waiting a month is best to let it set before you clarify again. I only clarify/shampoo once a month and I cowash at least twice a week. I don’t experience any abnormal fading and definitely no dulling of my color.

  22. likeramona

    Does anyone know if this would have any adverse affects on transitioning hair?

    Thanks in advance =)

  23. SisterBoyd

    You shouldn’t have any problems with transitioning hair. I’ve heard a few comments about loosen curls, but everyone I know who uses it hasn’t had that problem; myself included. I see the complete opposite when I use – super defined curls that pop and string after the treatment.

  24. Nika

    So is the Bentonite recipe with coconut milk moisturizing enough not to add conditioner and leave your your feeling great? 🙂

  25. SisterBoyd

    Nika, I would still deep condition after the treatment regardless of what you put in it.

  26. Savvy

    @Nika When I’ve done it, I’ve used the clay mix as the deep conditioner. But I always use a rich leave in or pomade when I style my hair, so I’m kind of conditioning my hair again when I twist.

  27. spiritualitis

    I really love betonite clay both externally and internally…works great at attacking yeast!!!!the clay for hair help me with shedding and help to strengthen my strands…for the clay good at keeping the skin tight and taunt….

  28. Savvy

    @spiritualitis Yes! The Clay is great! I love how versatile it is. When you take it internally, what’s your recipe?

  29. spiritualitis

    I have a product by Yerba Prima//Bentonite Detox, and what it consists of is a mixture of the powder with purified water…you take 1 tbsp with liquid 1 or 2 tms a day on an empty stomach or for short term use, take 1 tbsp every 2 hrs…to work effectively you have to drink alot of water or it will have an adverse effective…I purchase this at whole foods…

  30. jude

    does this work for all types of hair? even fly away thin strands? I’ve got a lot of hair but the strands are flimsy looking now, like baby hair, only not as soft…just no weight to it. no spring at all…I’ve been thinking about the clay part, but ACV ok for this kind of hair too? thanks 🙂

  31. Savvy

    @jude Hi there! From what I’ve read, it can be used for all types of hair. What I would do if you’re not sure about the vinegar is mix the clay with water and a little bit of oil (olive, almond, grapseed, whatever you’ve got that’s all natural) until it’s the consistency of smooth cake icing and then try it. Remember, do not let the clay dry on your hair. (Then it’s a pain to get out) HTH! Thanks for your comment!

  32. Shae

    Hi! I have use the bentonite clay on my hair twice in the past and it was nice, but didnt seem to make a big difference. I mix it with ACV and water, but I don’t deep condition it afterward. Does that really make a difference and is it something I should definitely do after? Also does the effect work better is you do it often and consistently? How often do you do it? Thanks!

  33. Stephanie Carter

    I have yet to use the clay in my hair (will be doing so tonight) however, I have used it as a facial mask and O.M.G. it was amazing. Instead of using water, I used Aloe Vera juice to mix it.

  34. Savvy

    @Stephanie I’ve used aloe vera juice to for my face as well. I’ve never tried it in my hair, but I have mixed it with coconut oil with the vinegar in my hair to make it more conditioning.

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