What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental day of speeches and events held on April 22, 1970 and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. Senator Nelson hand-picked Denis Hayes, a Harvard grad-student, activist and environmentalist to organize the first Earth Day events in the US. It was created to inspire concern and knowledge about nature and expose polluters. Earth Day marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Approximately 20 million Americans participated. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, the loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife. It has grown from a day to be celebrated to an entire week of activities and environmental issues.

In 1989 Hayes created Green Seal, a non-profit group that created science-based environmental standards to help consumers make green choices about products they buy, and to hold manufacturers that list with them to environmental standards. The “Green Seal” is still in use today. Hayes took Earth Day international in 1990 and organized events in 141 nations. Earth Day is now observed each year on April 22 in virtually every country on Earth and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

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People observe Earth Day in many different ways, some people plant trees and clean up city parks, others organize protests, other donate to charity or simply take little steps to go “green”. I personally like looking at all of the different info that pops up during this week. I always seem to learn something new,  find great ideas and items that not only will help me save the environment, but often save money too! (My Earth Day goal by the way, is to start composting….I’ll post more info on it soon.)

Check these links out:

What are you doing for Earth Day?

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