What’s the Deal with Alumnimum and Deodorant?

Most people think that antiperspirants and deodorants are the same thing, but they aren’t.

Deodorants are applied to the body mainly to reduce body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. They work by neutralizing the smell of the sweat with mild germicides that kill the bacteria which feed off skin secretions. (It is the bacteria that makes you stinky). They also contain perfume to help mask the smell of sweat. Deodorants don’t interfere with sweating, which is the body’s natural cooling process.

A subgroup of deodorants, antiperspirants, prevent odor and reduce sweat produced by parts of the body.

Antiperspirants help to reduce the amount of sweat that you produce. They work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores with strong astringents such as aluminum salts so that they can’t release sweat. Aluminium chloride is the chemical used to form a gel to partially block the sweat glands.

Antiperspirants and Deodorants are a combo of the above with Aluminum chloride added.

In recent years new research has  suggested that long-term exposure to aluminum can lead to Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers disease, neurologial and neuromuscular disorders. In 1993, the World Health Organization said, “There is a suspected link between Alzheimer’s disease and the toxicity of aluminum.”** The aluminum chloride in anti-perspirant may be absorbed through the skin of the armpit, resulting in ultimate accumulation of high levels of this metal in the brain. anti-perspirant has also been linked to breast-cancer and could possibly be passed on to unborn fetuses. (This is based on the high-levels of aluminum found in the fetuses of pregnant lab rats).

What you can do:

  • Use deodorant instead of anti-perspirant
  • Buy aluminum-free deodorant
  • Buy crystal deodorant*
  • Practice good hygiene, shave hair under arms, and wash underarms regularly
  • Wipe underarms with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol before using deodorant to help control odor for hours

*I will be doing a review of crystal deodorants very soon!

  • What kind of deodorant  do you use?




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26 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Alumnimum and Deodorant?

  1. SisterBoyd

    I’ve just started using a homemade deodorant and I’m loving it! Its a mix of baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil. I did mix in a few drops of EO for scent. Just to let you know I did go about a week without deodorant to clean my skin of residue. I would wipe my underarms with a mix of astrigent and EOs 1-2 times a day. So far the natural deodorant has worked wonderfully. I’m fresh all day, my skin is moisturized, and I have minimal sweating.

    This is the the recipe I used:

  2. Sarah

    I make my own!

    The recipe is:
    1 tablespoon of bicarb of soda
    1 tablespoon of cornflour
    1 tablespoon of olive oil
    6 drops of tea tree essential oil
    and 6 drops of whatever other EO you choose (I have lavender, because it’s spring, though may switch to lemon in the summer)

    Mix them up in a jar and just smooth it on like a lotion. It will be a bit gritty, but that should go away.
    The bicarb absorbe the orders, the cornflour cuts down on sweating and the olive oil makes it easy to apply, as well as softening your armpit (because ordinary deodorants can be really drying and make the area itchy).
    Don’t put too much bicarb or else it will be gritty for the entire day and really uncomfortable and you’ll be leaving grains everywhere (Don’t ask me how I know…)

  3. Savvy

    @SisterBoyd Wow that’s wonderful! Thanks for the recipe! What essential oils did you use to “cleanse” with during that week?

  4. Savvy

    @Sarah Thanks so much for the recipe! Do you have any problems using this with dark clothing? Does the oil ever stain your clothes?

  5. MandiFran

    I use Burt’s Bees Herbal Deodorant and Avalon Organics Deodorant. I am allergic to lots of metals and the aluminum in antiperspirants actually break me out under the arms!!! Not fun at all. Sometimes, you may have to do a “touch up” spritz under the arms in the summer, but for me, it beats itchy armpits. Not using aluminum based deo/ap also stops you from having those stains on the inside of your shirts if you happen to sweat lots. AND FINALLY, sweating is the way that we release toxins from the body, so why would we want to stop that?

  6. Savvy

    @Mandifran thank you! I’ve never tried the Burts Bees Deodorant ot the Avalon Organics are they expensive? THANK YOU for mentioning that you have less sweat stains on your clothes! I forgot to mention that. We don’t have to deal with those icky yellow stains anymore.

  7. Savvy

    @CC Thanks! How much is the Jason Organic? LOL Isn’t it funny that we have to get used to doing something that our bodies do naturally?

  8. SisterBoyd

    For the cleanings I use a cotton ball and added astringent and peppermint, rosemary, and sage oils in the beginning. The sage made it too strong so I took it out. For my mix I used peppermint.

    Sarah, your recipe sounds good too. Where did you get the cornflower and bicarb? And since you’re using EVOO, is your mix thick?

  9. Savvy

    ok. I think you can get cornflour in the spanish section of the grocery store, and bicarbonate of soda is baking soda I believe.

  10. Oju

    I use half baking soda and half cornstarch in an old baby powder container. I sometimes add 5 drops of lavendar to eat bacteria but even without it, the recipe works just fine. I never smell (and I have some VERY smelly armpit odor). I do sweat, but I think sweating is necessary and normal. Besides your remedy of peroxide sprayed on sweat stains before washing works pretty well on that.

  11. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

    I’ve been using powder. And a dab of organic coconut oil applied at night is wonderful, too. I’ve decided to make my own deodorant, though. It’ll be fun! 😀

    Nice post, by the way. So glad I found your blog!

  12. Marissa

    This was right on time for me! My dad was just asking me what I thought about the use of deodorants because he’s felt for a long time now that it couldn’t be healthy for us at all. I will be sure to inform him of this post and those homemade recipes I will be trying them soon!

  13. Savvy

    @Michele welcome! What kind of powder have you been using? Yes, several people here have made their own. Check these comments for suggestions and recipes. Your blog looks great too! I’d love to learn more about juicing. 🙂

  14. Savvy

    @Marissa Your WHOLE FAMILY is going to win the award for “Most Healthy Changes Made in a Year!! ” LOL. Your dad is right! Lemme know which one you try ok?

  15. Savvy

    Hey HotMamaShida! Thank you. I’ve always wondered about funk butter. any problems with it staining your clothes? Do you find you have to reapply it on hot days?

  16. Sarah

    @ SisterBoyd – I got the cornflour from my supermarket and the bicarb from my health store, since they do it by weight and I didn’t need that much, but they’re available in supermarkets too – probably in the baking aisle. My mix is a lot like a paste, that you just rub into your skin.

    @Savvy – I don’t notice any staining with the olive oil, because it absorbs so quickly and leaves my underarm smooth!
    However, at first I used far too much bicarb, so it didn’t paste properly and gets everywhere – plus, the grains will make you itch. It’s easily remedied by simply adding a bit more olive oil and cornflour, to balance out the proportions.

  17. SisterBoyd

    Savvy, I’m loving the Eco-Friendly and Frugal website…she helped me with my clogged drains last night 😉

  18. Oju

    Yup, I just shake it on like powder. The other day I ran out of the baking soda I keep in the bathroom for scouring and I grabbed the bakingsoda/cornstarch powder and sprinkled some of it around my tub and It cleaned it really well. So now look, Ive killed two birds with one easy stone.

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  20. Darela

    I LOVE Crystal deodorant! I bhguot some towelettes at the natural market and they are the best deodorant I’ve ever used. My Tropical Traditions stuff is nice but doesn’t really hold up to realy BO (TMI: New mom hormones make you SWEAT!) and although mainstream deodorants are effective, I don’t really want to know the secret behind Secret! I also love that Crystal washes right off so you avoid that gunky deodorant dilemma the next day when you’re shaving!

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