Why I Put Foil in the Dryer and Green Ideas

Now, obviously, the green thing to do is to hang all of your clothes dry. And…well.. I’m working on it. Right now I would say about 30% of my wardrobe gets hung dry. (It’s more of a scheduling issue really). However, if you’re using a dryer and looking for alternative and cheaper ways to get rid of static cling and leave your clothes smelling fresh, here’s some ideas for ya.

savvybrown_foil in the dryer

My lothes get thrown in the dryer along with various implements because, well, fabric softener is kind of toxic and dryer sheets are messy, (not to mention a fire hazard). And I figured I could live with a little static cling. That is until the day the kitten decided to hop into a fresh load of warm clothes, only to get zapped so badly, his hair stood on end and he shrieked.

I’ve shared a few of these tips on the Savvy Brown FB page, but I thought I’d do a little post outlining how some of the methods I use to dry my clothes.

foil in the dryer, savvybrown, geen

Dryer balls – I love these things! They’re basically rubber balls with little round spikes on them that knock around the dryer along with your clothes, softening them up as they go. They help a bit with static cling too. You can buy some here if you can’t find them where you are.

foil in the dryer, savvybrown, greenDamp Scented Rag – I came up with this on a whim. I really like the smell of lavender in my clothes, so I took a washcloth, wet it just so it was evenly damp, and then poured about 6 or 7 drops of lavender essential oil across it. I wet it a little more and wrung it so the oil was evenly distributed and tossed it in the dryer with my sheets. They smelled heavenly, and while the dryer was running, the house did too! I use microfiber towels like these cut in half.

foil in the dryer, savvybrown

Aluminum Ball – Apparently, aluminum helps attract static electricity, so throwing a crumpled up ball into the dryer helps get rid of all of those socks sticking to your blankets. (I’ve been trying to find another use for the leftover aluminum foil in my house anyway, so this was the perfect excise.)
The best part about the dyer balls, the rags and the aluminum ball is that they’re all reusable!

  • What do you throw in your dryer?
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23 thoughts on “Why I Put Foil in the Dryer and Green Ideas

  1. Myesha

    Love it! I am always looking for a way to save. We hang dry the majority of our clothes as well. It helps them last longer.

  2. Margaret

    Thanks for the aluminum foil idea! I love it and can’t wait to try it. I’m so tired of static cling! LOL!

  3. Madam Butterfly

    Use For Aluminum Foil

    Instead of throwing foil away, use it to clean oven or outdoor grills. Spray on some DW40 oil and scape off will a balled up piece of aluminum foil.

  4. likeramona

    Thanks for sharing! I haven’t bought dryer sheets in over a month and was about to break down and buy some because the static is starting to get to me.

  5. Savvy

    @Cam We use both now! What I’ve discovered is that the more the aluminum foil ball is used, the more compact it gets, and the better it seems to work….

  6. SkylarkDawn

    We use tennis balls in our dryer to keep our clothes soft and toss a couple lavender sachets in with each load to lightly scent our laundry. Outside of not over-drying the load though, we didn’t really have a great solution for preventing static. I am so excited to try your foil ball recommendation!

  7. Kelly

    I’m going to try the aluminum foil ball and hope it works!

    FYI, please don’t use essential oils anywhere near your poor cat! Cat’s bodies cannot process essential oils and over time your cat will have toxic levels of essential oils stuck in his/her body. Instead, use an organic lavender hydrosol, just a few drops should do the trick.

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  9. jen

    I have just heard about this and am glad to find someone that has actually tried it.
    I use wool dryer balls (natural and last longer than tennis balls or plasic balls with nubs). But, they aren’t great with static in the Winter.
    I am excited to try the tin foil – if it works my husband will love you!

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